Well I spoke too soon didn’t I? Covid managed to bring my whole family almost to their knees. 🙁 It has been a long, long, long two weeks but the end is nearly in sight. Covid came into my house via my son and his primary school and as he is only young and he wasn’t well (cough, fatigue, temperature and loss of appetite) he wanted cuddles which passed the dreaded Covid to myself. I tested positive a couple of days later which forced my husband to take over with the school run for two of my daughters. However, over last weekend my daughters and my husband have come down with Covid and as the week progressed my son and my own self isolation has come to an end 🙂

My first reaction when I tested postivie was to close my webshop as I really didn’t know how bad this Covid was going to be. After closing the webshop, my idea was to self isolate in my own bedroom away from everyone, but alas this didn’t happen. As when you are a mother the alone time really doesn’t happen even when it is needed and my children and husband went out of their way to disturb me. 🙁 I had a couple of days of feeling unwell and hiding in my bed but other than that I knew I had to get things done in the house that the rest of my family would not bother doing. I have spent my time away from the webshop very productively and managed to get loads of admin and little jobs done on the website that I wanted to do. I am so pleased with what I have achieved this week it is just a shame it had to be self isolation that made me do everything but it is all good. I am still struggling to taste or smell anything but each day gets a little bit easier and I do have my very helpful team of tasters here with me.

The baking I have done this last fortnight for my family has been vegan and reduced sugar bakes . I have baked reduced sugar Cookies, Vegan Chocolate Muffins and Vegan Vanilla Cupcakes. On Thursday when I made a Tik Tok of my Vegan Vanilla Cupcakes my family managed to eat the whole lot within four hours. Nothing wrong with their appetities as you can tell 🙂 I’m busy researching other vegan recipes which I want to try out on my family this weekend as I still have some soy yoghurt left which I don’t want to waste. Feel free to visit my Tik Tok page if you would like to watch any of my videos which I have made so far @lovetobakeuk

Vegan Vanilla Cupcakes

As last weekend seemed to be the turning point for the rest of the family I have spent most of this week caring for them. My husband has been ill but no more so than what I have been and my girls have not been ill at all. In fact, they are all chomping at the bit to get back to school and college so roll on next Wednesday when they are free to go unless they test negative before then. 🙂 My husband felt guilty being off work for a whole week so he started back on Thursday even though he wasn’t feeling too well. As he is back to working, I have decided to re-open the webshop early as my self isolation has finished and I am feeling much better. 🙂

On Friday morning (my first day out of isolation) was spent taking rubbish to the tip as I didn’t get to do that job before Covid hit. Then I decided to wash both my husband’s car and my own car as they looked scruffy and so neglected. Also, I had a trip to the second hand shop and left a lot of toys and clothes there which my children didn’t want. I even managed to take a trip to the supermarket and buy a few bits – Easter sweets are already in the shops – so I have stocked up on those 🙂 I feel all prepared for the weekend and the week ahead and it is such a great feeling. 🙂 I spent the rest of Friday researching and ordering a few things for my business as I have a few ideas which I want to try out.

Next week I have a birthday cake to make for my daughter (she has already put her order in) and a few ideas to try out. Maybe I will make some more Tik Toks and videos to share as I have received a lot of interest from the Vegan Vanilla Cupcakes 🙂 It is the Valentine Bakes which I am going to be concentrating on over the next week so I am off to re-open the webshop and check out a few more ideas whic I want to try out soon 🙂 Have a good weekend and stay safe 🙂