It is post Christmas, so I must get back to work. I am already set up at the desk, computer on and working. The early bird catches the worm or so they say but this is ridiculous. I think as my husband has gone back to work it has spurred me on to return to my computer too. My children on the other hand have had a lazy morning involving lie-ins, homemade pancakes topped with a selection box chocolate and slowly getting dressed – well some of them are anyway – I think the youngest is wanting another pyjama day!

The weekend before Christmas was a busy one for me with all the Christmas Eve Treat Boxes and Christmas Cakes being collected by so many customers but it all went off without a hitch. I will definitely be doing something like this again as I have already had some great feedback from some customers 🙂

I have so many jobs I want to get through and I just don’t know where to start. Christmas seems ages ago for me and it passed in a blur which may have been because of the number of orders I had to prepare and package ready for collection as well as the excitement my own children had for the big day. I had a lovely Christmas with the children all enjoying their presents followed by a very lazy Boxing Day. Great time with my family and some lovely memories were made. However, the festivities have not ended yet as we still have visits to grandparents to fit in and then New Year’s Eve to celebrate.

I have closed my webshop till later – the 3rd of January in fact – just to give myself time to catch up on paperwork really and also I cannot guarantee the delivery of postal orders at this time of the year and I would hate to disappoint any customers. For my own family, I baked a few things – Sweet Mincemeat Tarts and a Yule Log to be precise.

As for the rest of today, I am spending it sat at my desk working – going through receipts and writing up schedules before I have a well deserved lunch break with my children and husband. Then a Christmas movie may be needed and cuddle time with the little ones before I try and finish off some work. It may be a late night tonight as I would like to head into 2019 knowing that I am on top of everything. Nice way to feel don’t you think?