The Easter holidays have never been more called for than in our house right now. Don’t know about anyone else but we were all flagging last week and needed a break. However, my husband and myself haven’t really had the chance for a long lie in, as of yet, due to both having to work. I must say though that the chance to just jump right in to work instead of factoring in the school runs has made all the difference to myself so far. I feel as though I have accomplished so much this week and it is only Wednesday. The jobs are getting ticked off but then I am adding more so I don’t think I will ever get caught up with everything but I can keep trying??

This Easter weekend we have a day trip up north planned but the rest of the weekend I have orders to complete so I won’t be moving very far from the kitchen. My husband will be able to have some quiet time though away from the computers so that is a good thing as I feel as though he really needs it but he can wait on me for a change. 🙂

For the next couple of days I am doing chocolate work as there are lots of chocolate pots (hot chocolate stirrers) and chocolate bunnies/ducks (or I think they are ducks but they might be chicks as it is Easter) to be handmade ready for the Easter Treat Boxes. On Saturday, I will be baking Easter themed NYC Style Cookies and Easter Cupcakes to add to the other products in the Treat Boxes.

Chocolate Pots for the Easter Treat Boxes.

This last week was going to be spent writing up my business plan and making a start on my new idea whilst everything was fairly quiet then I suddenly received orders for postal delivery and collection which I think had something to do with my social media presence last week. It was lovely to be so busy in the kitchen every day for a change and I still managed to get through some of the work I needed to do once the school day was over.

I baked Sprinkles Cakes galore, Bakewell Slice, Empire Biscuits, Cheesecake Eggs, a Birthday Cake, a Cheesecake and a Cookie Pie. I think the Sprinkles Cake is becoming more popular than Empire Biscuits but with my new idea things may change again. Watch this space for more details.

Anyway back to the other behind the scenes work I must go as I still have loads to do and there is no rest for the wicked and I think I must be wicked after the cake I dreamed about the other night which involved chocolate bunnies fighting over carrots?? Think I am going to decorate an Easter Cake for my family to enjoy with this theme in mind just to get it out of my head more than anything. Thank you for keeping me busy in the kitchen I love what I do and I love reading your feedback when you receive your orders as it makes me smile 🙂

Thanks again so much for the cake cheesecake and cookie pie they are so good” was a comment from a new customer that I baked for and this spurred me on over the weekend to keep going as I must be doing something right 🙂