I have had a busy few weeks working on some ideas which I want to try out for my business. The first is a delivery menu which I opened last week and I am offering to local businesses in my area. On this menu there will be a range of savoury and sweet bakes which are all baked freshly to order for delivery to local businesses. I am only offering this menu to local businesses as I really don’t want to make deliveries my main area of work due to the time it takes out of my day to do deliveries which would be more so if I was to deliver to customers in their houses. As I am a sole trader with a home based business I don’t want to take too much on but at the same time I want to try and expand my business by offering my bakes to a wider audience. Fingers crossed my idea works and I see some orders coming in.

Apart from the delivery menu I have been thinking about the Coronation Day Bakes which I want to offer on the webshop. I am including red, white and blue “Coronation Day” Berry Cheesecakes and “Coronation Day” Empire Biscuits as choices to order for collection or postal delivery to celebrate the King’s coronation on May 6th 2023.

Also, on the baking front, I am busy working on some “Father’s Day” idea so that I can open the Father’s Day Bakes order book ready for the big day in June. 🙂 The rest of the work I have to get through is a lot of business stuff and then fit the jobs in the house somehow so that jobs can be ticked off the list.

The main area I am working on the business is my business plan which I want up and running ready for when I need it. There is so much to include on a business plan and I haven’t written one for years since my market days anyway which seems like a lifetime ago now.

Right back to the baking as I have to get myself organised ready for tomorrow for a delivery menu order which is going to be picked up from my house. Since starting the delivery menu to local businesses I have seen an increase in followers and a few orders have already started coming in so fingers crossed it works. I am planning on making some more samples and doing another leaflet drop in the other industrial estates and business parks which I haven’t visited yet. A bit more fresh air and exercise for myself when I can find the time to get organised to actually do it. Hopefully I will receive a good reception from these businesses too and build my customer base 🙂