And breatheeeee!!! OMG what a day it has been. So many plans are in the pipeline that I don’t know where to actually begin. I have written list upon list to try and keep myself on track that I am physically and mentally exhausted but I am determined to keep this momentum going and get the show on the road – as it were. I am not going to say anything more until I see it happen with my own eyes but all I can say is watch this space!!

What a teaser that was. Hehehe!! There is one thing I have learned over the years and that is if you don’t go for it and try something when you can that the moment will pass you by and you will regret it forever. Ooohhhh, very philosophical for this time of night aren’t I?? Don’t know where that came from.

What a sleepless night I had – so many things going around in my head. Thank goodness I am not baking today although I am tempted to make a gluten free/egg free Christmas Cake as a trial perhaps, today. I am stuck in the house today waiting for deliveries ranging from new packaging, business cards and presents for the children for Christmas. I am starting to get excited now and looking forward to Santa arriving.

Also, I might make some gluten free/egg free cookies and change the recipe slightly but freeze them just to see what they are like after they have been defrosted then I will know what to say on my webshop when I have enquiries about the cookies. I have been pricing up the coconut flour, almond flour and rice flour as well as trying to find some ideas for using them in different baking recipes. Most of my trials and successes so far have been from changing my own recipes and using the alternative ingredients in them but I have been searching for inspiration into recipes which are similar to what I use just to get an idea of the quantities of the different ingredients that other bakers use. Now I want to go and bake something just to have a play around in the kitchen with my different ingredients.

Back to the baking, I am planning on baking some cookies tomorrow which I will try in some new packaging so I can add some different photos to the webshop as I feel I need some better quality photos. Also, I am looking back at older photos as now that I have my mini photographic studio box I am planning on re-making these bakes  just to re-take some photos of these bakes. This will take some time to carry out so I will try and fit these bakes in over the next few months.

In the mean time, I need to get a move on with the Christmas recipes for my new book and have it published before Christmas as I am going to be adding these recipes into one larger book containing all the smaller recipe books which I have already written. Personally, I like my handy pocket sized recipe books as they fit nicely into the kitchen drawer and are really easy to follow. They are not gathering dust on the bookshelf and I am constantly looking up a recipe which I either want to work on again or when I have forgotten an ingredient quantity and such like. The large book containing all the recipes is my husband’s idea as he thinks it will be nice to have nearly 100 of my recipes featured in one book. I might not listen to him just yet though and just go ahead with my “All things Christmas” recipe book as I had originally planned. We will just have to wait and see what happens on this one.