Last week I wanted to take it a little bit easier just so that I could catch up with jobs in the house more than anything so I decided to pick a couple of days to celebrate from the Foodie Calendar. My Foodie Calendar is based on the UK calendar which Charlotte from Charlotte’s Lively Kitchen produces and the Foodimentary calendar which features the USA days. From these two calendars I produce a full list for nearly every day of the year so I have lots to choose from :).

For last Friday, I decided to make Cappuccino Tart to celebrate “National Cappuccino Day” and Chocolate Guinness Cake to celebrate “International Stout Day”. I made samples of these bakes last Monday for myself and my family to try and they all seemed to like one thing or the other so there was something to please everyone in the treat box, last week. As I only make the treat boxes to order now rather than baking a lot of goodies I only had four boxes to makes last week so I will have nothing leftover.

Also, I had an order to bake for collection for Cheese Scones and a Flapjack tray bake which the customer collected last Friday morning 🙂 Followed by an order for lots and lots of Empire Biscuits which I posted at the beginning of this week.

Today, is a totally different Friday. as no baking has been done. Instead I have just sat and had a brain storming morning – with my eyes closed – for some of it. I have made some decisions about what I need to share on social media, what recipes I need to share and where I need to push my recipes and ideas to next. With this in mind, it looks like I am going to be rather busy this weekend as from Monday I have baking to do everyday if I want to keep on target for Christmas.

I have a couple of ideas to try this weekend but I am finding it a struggle to keep myself focused with all the other things going on in my life from trying to sell the house to keeping the children on the right road it has been hard work. With the added stress of Christmas on the horizon I am wondering if I am doing the right thing offering Christmas Eve Treat Boxes and Christmas Bakes but according to my husband I should keep going as the baking is my stress reliever?? My plan for next not only includes lots of recipe sharing on some different social sharing platforms but a few blog posts to boot so watch this space for more details 🙂