Well what can say 🙂 I’m so happy that it was Halloween yesterday as it was my birthday. My plans for today are just to take it slow not easy 🙂 as I have plenty to keep myself busy. Don’t know if that will happen as my children have all places to be later and I have a few jobs to do but I am hoping to have a sit down later when everything is done – maybe with a glass of wine. 🙂 I feel like there was such a build up to Halloween and then it is over. Is that an age thing or just a fact of life? Maybe a combination of the two in my case as I am another year older 🙁 but I am a self employed home baker who always has to be ahead of the game as it were and preparing for the next big event in the foodie calendar.

This last week has been spent encouraging the children to do revision – for those who have exams coming up. Also, I have had orders to prepare for collection this week so that has kept me busy in the kitchen. Between the kitchen and running the house I am ready for a break.

At the start of the week I had an order for some Vegan Cupcakes and some Low Carbohydrate Cupcakes (Raspberry and Coconut flavour). Although the cupcakes tasted great, I kept thinking to myself that I could made them better so I am really going to fit in some time to experiment with the ideas for this area of my business. Both of these bakes were egg free and gluten free, in fact the only difference between the two was the replacement of the standard margarine with dairy free margarine for the Vegan Cupcakes. I do like the taste of the egg free bakes. 🙂

My Halloween treat boxes have gone down a storm this year and my children have enjoyed eating the spares. In the boxes this year there were:-

  • a Monstrous Marshmallow Pop
  • a Scary Cookie
  • a Horrific Cupcake
  • a Spooky Chocolate Bite
Halloween Treat Box
Halloween Treat Box

These were treats which my children have enjoyed before but with a Halloween twist and I think they all worked together very well. I hope my customers enjoy them too.

Some of the treats I prepared in advance i.e., a couple of days before but the baking of the cookies and the cupcakes had to be done on the morning that I was selling the boxes at my door. Needless to say, Wednesday went by in a blur as I decided to make myself a birthday cake, this year, too.

I had an idea in my head of what I wanted my cake to look like this year – “nothing scary” as my little boy kept telling me, this week. With this in mind, I went and made my first ever “Fault Line Cake” which I am quite pleased with. It does look really sickly and sweet but I am sure with a bit of single cream I will be able to try some with a cuppa. As for the rest of my family I don’t think they will have any trouble eating it. 🙂

Fault Line Birthday Cake
Fault Line Birthday Cake

Wow wee that is it now for me – all hands on deck for Christmas orders now until the end of the year. I already have Christmas Cakes maturing on the sideboard for a couple of customers so it is never too early in the home baking business. Always one step ahead in this game. Hasn’t this year flown over? I can still remember all the work it took for me to make the treat boxes for last Christmas – oh yes Christmas Eve Treat Boxes – I will have to do something similar for this year 🙂

Anyway, back to my day off and I am hoping the rest of the week so that I can play catch up and enjoy some time with my children before they go back to school.