This last week has been spent getting some jobs finished in the house whilst the webshop has been fairly quiet. I haven’t really minded being able to concentrate on just the house though and it has given me some time to think about what I want to do next with the webshop. I have some ideas which I want to try out in the kitchen based on Giant Cookies so I just need to make the time to do so, however, the heat outside is what is stopping me as it is just too hot and humid to be stuck in a kitchen. Mind you I am making the same excuse when I am decorating as by the time lunch time comes around it is too hot for me to keep going 🙂 The Cookies I want to try out in larger sizes are Bourbon Biscuits, Custard Creams and Empire Biscuits with maybe a few Gingersnaps thrown in for good measure.

Chocolate Orange Birthday Cake

My unexpected and last minute order last week was for a Birthday Cake for a new customer which I delivered to a local hotel. I received the request on the Friday afternoon and then baked and delivered it on the Saturday afternoon. Not something I would normally do but I enjoyed the freedom to do whatever I wanted to basically bling up a Chocolate Sandwich Cake into a Chocolate Orange Birthday Cake. I was very pleased with the results as was the customer and this was the message I received from him (I am smiling as I read this :))

“You did a fantastic job! Thank you so much and thank you for dropping it off at our hotel. Such a wonderful surprise for her!”

I have a few orders already for “Father’s Day” so maybe I will add the other Giant Cookies to the webshop for you to order if they are a hit with my chief tasters and after a trial run with the postal delivery I should be able to offer them for posting too. If anyone would like to order a bake to posted or for collection for Father’s Day then feel free to visit the webshop at…/fathers-day-treats/ and place your order by the 14th of June to ensure delivery or collection.

There is still plenty to do in the house but it will all take time so I am not stressing about it. The house is still liveable as it is which is the main thing so that suits me just fine. 🙂 I love painting which is a good thing but the next job which I need to do is some wallpapering – I don’t like wallpapering but I will do it if necessary 🙁 Wish me luck with this job!

On the home baking business front, all my paperwork is up to date and book keeping is done so I am all ready for the environmental health officer to visit when they can so that my food hygiene rating can be updated and my business can be transferred to County Durham instead of Newcastle. I have received an email from Durham County Council saying that I may continue trading as I already have a rating but I will be happier when it is all complete.

Just a short catch up today as it is nearly tea time and I really have no idea what to cook. ? Maybe my daughters will help me decide and actually cook the dinner too ( which would give me some time to myself). My batteries are definitely running on low right now.