Well we are in our new house and in the process of making it our home. It is going to take time but we will get there in the end. I reopened the webshop as I missed the baking and I had customers asking when I would be starting up again. I am really happy that I have started baking for my customers and I am now on the lookout for new customers so I am looking at different marketing techniques which I can use to get the word out there. Part of me wishes I could focus on just one type of baking which many other bakers seem to do but I just can’t – there is so much I want to bake and I have a variety of customers who like different bakes which I do. I feel like at some point I am going to have a product cull to make life easier for myself 🙂 Baking in my new kitchen is so much easier as the whole room is bigger so I am not having to fight for my space as it is just mine and that is all there is to it. The kitchen is workable as it is but it will be getting a spruce up at some point but for now everything has its place and it works together for my family and my business 🙂

The work in the house is mainly cosmetic and changing things to what suits us so there is plenty of redecorating to be done. I’m in no rush though as I am concentrating on the childrens’ rooms first. Since moving here the fighting for the bathroom has stopped and the constant bickering trying to find their own space has stopped as all 4 of my children have their very own space now, which with time (once I have finished the basics), they can decorate to their liking. What more can you ask for??

I’m hoping to bake the Butter Tarts which I wanted to try out before letting a new customer know as they had asked me if I could bake them. I love trying out new bakes and I had never heard of Butter Tarts before so a little bit of googling and I found a recipe to try.

Over this last week my bakes for my regular customers have been Biscoff Blondies, Cheese Scones and Empire Biscuits plus a little treat for a certain customer which I haven’t told them about. I had been asked ages ago to make the Melting Moments and use desiccated coconut instead of oats so I baked a batch and posted some in her parcel yesterday. It was nice to see that they arrived safely today and I really hope she likes them :). I had another order for a new customer for the Empire Biscuits so it looks like Empire Biscuits are the flavour of the month.

My plans for tomorrow are to try out a new idea to do with homemade Digestive Biscuits and Brownies combination and a Jam Roly Poly for a new customer. I have received some magnificent orders this last week, all of which are keeping me busy. 🙂 Thank you!!