I have just seen the date of the last time I posted on my blog and all I can do is say that I will try harder as I really did set out with good intentions of posting twice a week (I have plenty to say) but obviously not enough time to say it all in. Maybe this next month, I will do better although I am not promising anything. My time (or rather any spare time is taken up with housework and decorating) although I did rip wallpaper off the living room wall in my temper on Friday evening just because I could so and now we are sitting in a half stripped room which I am no where near ready to start decorating yet. That’s just how life is though isn’t it??

Back to the baking which has been quite full on, so much so, that I have had to say no to a birthday cake order which I just didn’t have the time to do this week. Why is it that I always feel guilty when I say no to work – which I try not to do – but sometimes you just have to for your own sanity 🙁 I have had a busy couple of days and this morning I have finished the wallpapering in another bedroom so at the weekend I can paint it. 🙂

Mini Pear & Ginger Puds (gluten free)

So far this week, I have baked Gluten Free Puddings for a customer which I delivered on Monday. There was a Lemon Pudding and a Pear & Ginger Pudding on the menu – of which there were spares – for my husband and I to enjoy 🙂 These puddings are self saucing so that when you turn them out of the dish which they are baked in the sauce is on the top. I hope the customer enjoys them as my husband and myself enjoyed trying the Pear & Ginger Puds which we ate straight from the oven. I don’t get many orders for gluten free bakes so it made a lovely change for me to complete this order for the customer.

Tuesday was spent baking and packing Empire Biscuits before a mad dash to the post office so that they are on their way to the customer all in the same day. Talk about a quick turn around 🙂 After decorating this morning, I am planning on catching up on a bit of admin before I head out on the school run again. Hasn’t this week gone fast as it is Wednesday already and I am starting to look forward to the weekend 🙂

A Selection of Different Sized Bourbon Biscuits

Last weekend, I managed to create some Giant Biscuits which my family enjoyed. There was Giant Bourbon Biscuits and Giant Custard Creams for them to try and both biscuits have been a big hit with the whole family. The two youngest children have been taking a piece each day for their packed lunches so it is keeping well in the tin.

Well I am off for a cuppa and a quick bite to eat before I head out on the school run. I’m hoping to not be too busy over the next couple of days as I have plenty of Father’s Day treats to bake for several customers 🙂 Thank you for all your orders!!