The last few days have been full on for myself with lots of bakes to do as I had several orders to complete for this weekend. As well as, preparing for going back to school on Monday we have the pleasure of my eldest daughter this weekend who I picked up from York university on Friday so it is a full house for us which makes a change. The amount of washing she brought home to do was ridiculous but it is all done now much to the despair of the household washing which I have yet to make a start on. This weather doesn’t make drying clothes easy does it? There is no point in stressing about it though as there are other things to do that are way more important such as spending some quality time with my family 🙂 Saturday night was spent watching TV and enjoying quality family time with a couple of scary films thrown in for good measure as it is Halloween weekend 🙂

Sunday was an early start with more bakes to complete for collection from my door. I have been kept busy this week with lots of Halloween Bakes which has been lovely and I am so ready for a day off on Monday for my birthday. I have made Marshmallow Pops, Chocolate Bites, Cupcakes and Cookies today and the kitchen smells divine 🙂

On Monday, I will finish decorating my birthday cake which I didn’t bake after all. There have not been enough hours in the day so we bought a chocolate traybake from Asda which we will pimp up for Monday night.

My plans for the rest of the week are to open the Christmas Bakes order book but I am hoping to work on the products which I want to make available as I feel I need to make a few changes. There are so many Christmas Bakes which I want to trial and hopefully add to the webshop so I really need to find the time to get creative. I have a lot of research to do to see what ideas are out there but I love looking at ideas especially on Pinterest and Youtube 🙂

This next school term is going to be a busy one which I love as it is the run up to “Christmas” so bring on the Christmas lists from the children and the cozy nights spent in front of the computer screen ordering gifts for them to be delivered to my door as I hate going to the shops over “Christmas” – I am one of those Christmas shoppers 🙂 Think the purse strings will be pulled a bit tighter this year as the cost of living crisis will definitely take its toll for many families but I am sure we can make it a happy memory for my family as we always do. Just having all the children at home for Christmas with my husband will be great as I will be very thankful that we are all still here to enjoy our time together. I have already got my Christmas delivery slot booked with Asda but I like to get organised well in advance so bring it on.