From my Sticky Toffee Pudding recipe which has proved to be a very successful bake and sold out very regularly at my market stall I have adapted it several times.

My first idea was to make it Chocolate Pudding with a chocolate sauce. I added cocoa to the pudding mix and mixed cocoa with the sugar which is sprinkled on the top before baking. The amount of cocoa I added was 50g in the pudding mix and 25g in the sauce mix. This made the pudding perfectly chocolatey, moist and a hit with the customers.

My next idea was to make a Lemon Pudding but from this recipe I changed the sugar to caster sugar . I used lemon curd in the recipe which I mixed with water in the tin before I placed the pudding mix on top. I knew that the sauce would not form as it does in the toffee puddings so I changed the recipe. I used lemon zest and juice in the mixture to add to the lemon flavour. This pudding also sold well.

My Spotted Dick Pudding was made up by adapting the lemon pudding recipe. I remember this pudding from my school days as a suet pudding but I wanted something lighter than that. I used caster sugar again, added currants and some mixed spice. There was no sauce in this pudding but the toffee sauce would be a new feature to try. In fact I may try this out at the weekend and let you know what it turns out like.

Finally, the Queen of Puddings (my favourite). I used a vanilla sponge pudding mix and layered it onto the raspberry jam. This is my version of a queen pudding. Once the pudding was baked I covered it with home made meringue and baked it a bit longer till the meringue is golden. I find this pudding to be irresistable and a very popular choice at the stall.

My most recent idea of a new flavour was sticky ginger pudding for this I used the basic recipe for a toffee pudding but changed the sugar from dark to light. I added ginger in powder and stem ginger form. I also added ginger to the self saucing part of the recipe. I did not use syrup nor treacle.

In the recipe as one would for a true ginger bread recipe as I just wanted a light ginger pudding. My whole family enjoyed this pudding, some with custard and some with ice cream. Myself I had both on my slice.