My afternoon tea baking went to plan. Customer was very happy with the results. In fact she has ordered some more goods to be delivered to her next week. She is freezing all the goods and is using them over a number of days. I have made miniature cheese scones and bakewell slice tray bakes. The customer wanted them in small portions as she intending to have the tea parties over several days as she doesn’t want too many people at once in her house.

She also wants mouth size portions so my cheese scones were made using a tiny cutter – very strange. The next goods I need to bake for her are corned beef slice (which I don’t think is very afternoon tea) but she likes it so who am I to argue. The customer is always right!! Another tray bake she wishes me to bake for her are brownies. My children will be happy.

I also have managed to bake the idea, which I dreamt about, of a new flavour for my pudding range. This has been floating around in my head for the past week.

Ginger pudding with a ginger sauce. It is a self saucing recipe and I added some stem ginger to give it an added kick. It is out of this world. Absolutely delectable even though I say it myself. Very more-ish and I ate mine with greek yoghurt. There is not a lot left now but the ginger taste is improving with time, just like in true gingerbread.

My daughters, this week, in food technology, have made cheese scones and chicken fajitas so my husband has been well fed.

Today is Macmillan Coffee Morning and they are being held everywhere to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Care. My youngest child informed me that I had to make cupcakes with him for the coffee morning. So last night, after school we made and decorated chocolate cupcakes, some of which were taste tested by my children but the majority of which arrived at school and were sold this morning. My daughter got very excited when she saw children buying the cakes which she had made and my son enjoyed telling the children they were eating the cakes he had made. A very eventful morning all round.