This morning I woke up and thought what should I try to make different today. My final idea was a giant jaffa cake. Yes those yummy cake/biscuits with a lovely orange centre and smothered in chocolate. So I set to work in between other jobs. This is what I did in pictures and although quite a complex set of jobs it was fairly easy to accomplish a decent treat for the family.

It worked out perfectly. Even though I say it myself.

I had seen somewhere that a ganache should be used for the topping. I didn’t have any cream though . I opted for mixing melted chocolate with some buttercream. Although it’s not perfect, and the chocolate spilled over the edge a bit, the finished result is not too bad and tastes great!

Genoise sponges don’t keep well so this would need to be eaten before the day is ended – In our case it was eaten within 10 minutes of being put on the table.

Not many ingredients in this cake. I will be adding the full recipe to my website and I will include a nutritional information table.

Update – 02/09/16

I tried this again but using an altered recipe. I tried  to use less sugar but the sponge did’t taste as good so I went back to the original sponge recipe.  I changed the chocolate topping and added cream to the chocolate to create a ganache.

I found the new Ganache with cream in the mixture stayed on the jelly better. It was a thicker topping and once it was set it adhered to the orange jelly more effectively, giving a much nicer finish.