• House move done
  • Baking ingredients and equipment unpacked
  • Practice run completed
  • Ready to start again!

House moving is so hard and the stress has been unprecedented. I never want to go through this again. It’s nice to be in a bigger kitchen and I’m looking forward to getting back into a routine for my homebaking business. The children all seem to be happier now that they have their own rooms and space to spread out. They are getting used to the travelling to their old schools and their college and seem to be okay with the idea of moving to new schools when September comes around.

There is still so much to do but it can wait as I really need to get back to my work – I’m missing baking and it was lovely just to set everything up over the weekend from the mixing bowls to the recipe books and everything in between. Now I need to focus on my baking business and keep pushing for the jobs to be done in the house (both inside and outside). It is going to be a juggling act but I’m sure I can do it and the baking will keep me sane whilst I am busy with the house stuff.

We have been here two weeks now and the only bakes I have managed to do are a Birthday Cake for my son (with a strange request by him for decoration on the top. I’ll explain more later) and a batch of Cheese Scones (which I cannot take credit for) as they were baked by my daughter. The Cheese Scones were delicious straight from the oven covered in butter 🙂 As for the Birthday Cake my son wanted himself running on the cake along a road with grass and soil on either side of him but the weird twist was the emoji poo that he wanted to be chasing after him which was to represent his eldest sister?? I don’t think he really sees her as “a poo” as they do have a good relationship but I did manage to decorate the cake as he requested. The running boy was made from sugarpaste and really should have had longer to set but as he only told me the night before his birthday I couldn’t do the model of him much justice. My daughters helped with the hair and facial features and a few cocktail sticks helped to keep running boy together. As for the “emoji poo” and other specific features to this “one off and very unique Birthday Cake” I really enjoyed decorating his cake whilst he was at school and his reaction to the finished cake was well worth it. Needless to say, my children like to set me challenges and this was one of them. I don’t have a picture of the running boy sorry but I do have one photo of the road, grass, soil and emoji poo (I know disgusting but that is boys for you – well my boy anyway). It is not the best photo but you get the idea of the grass, road, soil (crushed oreos) and the emoji poo. The best part was that the whole combination tasted delicious 🙂

Special Request Birthday Cake for My Son!!

I’m thinking that I might bake some Cookies for my children to eat later after school but only if I manage to strip the wallpaper off another bedroom wall in my daughter’s bedroom. My plan is to remove the wallpaper, make sure the walls are smooth and then paint all the childrens’ bedrooms in “one fell swoop”. Wish me luck with that idea 🙂

Anyway back to baking, I can’t wait to start fulfilling your orders again and it looks like Empire Biscuits are going to be the first ones off the block followed by a trial of Melting Moments, covered in coconut instead of oats, as a special request which was made to me back in February, I think? Now I’m feeling guilty and very hungry!!