Monday morning was a miserable morning which turned into a miserable day – a typical summer school holiday day here in the UK 🙁 Looks like it is a day stuck in the house and to add to the gloom we were sat waiting for a phonecall about an offer on a house we had seen which is ideally suited to what we need. I really hoped we would be successful as the thought of travelling to view more houses doesn’t fill me with excitement. House moving is way too much stress for everyone but I am hoping it will be worth it in the end, but the end seems so far away right now.

Since closing the webshop last week, a bit earlier than I anticipated, I have had a lot of interest on the blog with messages and emails asking me when I am going to re-open. I am missing the baking as every time I walk in the kitchen I think should I bake something but then change my mind as I have loads to do elsewhere.

Mini Oreo & White Choc Cheesecakes
Mini Oreo & White Choc Cheesecakes

If everything went well on Monday and the offer had been accepted I was going to reopen the webshop to celebrate, but only for a couple of days, as I will need to get back to other business which I need to take care of. As we haven’t been successful yet this isn’t happening any time soon. 🙁

When I do find a house I will bake a celebratory cake for my family or have my daughter bake it as she is coming into her own in the kitchen since lockdown. She has made so many meals and treats that it has made everything a lot easier for myself, well, except for the washing up that I have had to do after she has been creative in the kitchen. 🙂

It’s Tuesday, it’s sunny and the offer on the house has taken a downturn so more house viewings are needed. You know when you see something and you think it is too good to be true well I feel like that is what this house was for us. Not what we needed right now but hey ho you live and learn and back to the house viewings we must go. 🙁

Today I’m planning on dealing with estate agents and booking in viewings in between getting some studying out of the way. I’m sat here with a notebook filling it in with ideas that I want to try when I come back to the webshop in the near future. Ranging from sweet to savoury, sugar free, egg free and milk free I have so much to try out in the kitchen I can’t wait. If I have my plans in order then the next few weeks will be easier as I will more time to concentrate on the schools reopening. I’m making the most of these six weeks as the home schooling has been hard work (and taken up a lot of time) so there are plenty of days of lazy lie ins to look forward to. 🙂