I don’t know whether I’m happy about the children going back to school or not but I know this little club we have going on has to disband sometime and the school runs have to begin again 🙁 I suppose I will have my husband under my feet still as he is working from home for a wee while longer. It will be strange to have the house to myself again when things get back to normal. Whatever the new normal is?

Last weekend has been spent sorting through the school stuff in preparation for the new term. One child is starting at a new school whilst another is going to Sixth Form – how did that happen?? I really don’t feel old enough to have a sixth former in my midst, but here we are, so onwards and upwards is the only way to go. It’s all change in our house and hopefully it will soon be a new house too. Just waiting for the underwriters decision and then we can move things along a bit more. 🙂

Baking last week has kept me busy but I am really trying to make some time to create in the kitchen this week – other jobs allowing as I seem to busy with lots of other things this week?? Mostly school related or childrens’ social time related and with four children it is busy, busy, busy at the best of times.

Empire Biscuits and Millionaires Shortbread for Collection

The treat box this week is a savoury one as I think we all need a break from the sweet stuff don’t you think? I’m planning on trying something new this week so watch out for more details later. My chief tasters have to try first before I offer any new ideas on the webshop. I love changing and adapting recipes to suit a customer or an idea I have, whether that be the flavour or the ingredients, if needed, to make the bake healthier or totally different in flavour to another bake. I tend to stick to the recipes which I love to do and trust but I do like to try other recipes out, from other bakers, or alter other recipes when I have an idea in mind that I think will work. Just as well I have so many tasters here to try out my bakes on 🙂

I have a request in for some Blondies with the addition of Caramac so I have spent some time sourcing Caramac inspired sweets and biscuits to use in the bakes. However, I now have to resist eating them as I love Caramac chocolate. This customer who has requested this bake is a girl after my own heart 🙂 Do you think I have enough to keep me going as I know there are “Caramac Twixes” and “Caramac Twirls” out there somewhere but I haven’t managed to find them yet.

Selection of Caramac Goodies

Also, I’m wanting to have a play about with the Empire Biscuits as I have an idea in my head which I must try out soon on my customers who regularly buy Empire Biscuits. I’m hoping that my new idea will be just as successful as the Empire Biscuits I usually bake but only time will tell.