At the moment I feel like I am juggling jobs. I have so much to do but not enough hours in teh day to get things finished. Tomorrow, I am planning on making a Vegetable Curry and Rice, in the slow cooker, with plenty of flavour from the yummy spices which I am going to be adding to it. Also, I am going to make some Naan Bread again, as the family really enjoyed them last time. I have been wanting to make this meal  all week but have had no reason too. However, I am taking the children out so I have an excuse for using the slow cooker so that the dinner will be ready for when we get home.  There will only be the naan breads to make and as they are really quick and easy to make a dinner should be on the table in no time at all.  I have never made a whole rice and curry dish in the slow cooker before so I am rather excited about it. I will share the results and the recipe on Friday.

I am busy writing up some articles at the moment about recipe changes which can be made to suit different dietary requirements but as of yet I can’t decide whether to add them as different blog posts, add them to a blog page on here (the ingredients page ) or add them to my website. I think I will go with the middle option as now that I have found how to add tables to my blog with a plugin I think I can add the article in  one go.

My Halloween recipe book is coming along very nicely but I am up to the stage of having to make some of the recipes which I don’t have photos for so the children are going to experience Halloween a bit early. I am sure they will  not mind and some of their friends can join in and try the treats. An early Halloween party – that sounds like a good plan. Talking of books, this is the last day on for you to buy to of my other books for 99c before they increase in price again. Go get them while you can!!

As for my other idea of opening an online shop to sell my homebaked treats from. It is still in the planning stage and when I asked the question on Facebook about what kind of homebaked goodies people would like to buy and have delivered to their door I had some answers. If you can think of anything then drop me a line in the comments section or on the contact page (which I now have up and running). I am just in the middle of writing up my privacy policy as this is something I should have if I want to sell online. I have been working on my business plan so that I am prepared when I need to seek the advice from any business advice centres which I may visit. I have been researching a lot of things online these last few days and feel like my head is buzzing so I can’t wait for my day off. I think the idea of an online shop has come about due to the amount of goodies which I am baking has overwhelmed the family (don’t get me wrong they love trying things) but when it is almost every day it gets a bit much. Instead my husband suggested selling them online so that other people can buy them, I can bake to order and the products will be fresh to the customer. A win-win situation for myself as I keep baking and creating, writing my blog and recipe books, I get to sell my bakes again which I have missed since I stopped the market stall and you the customer have a chance to buy homemade goodies which are not packed full of preservatives and other additives, as they are in the supermarkets.  There are so many things I need to do but I will get there and I love a challenge.

On a final note, it is “Waffle Day” on Thursday so I will be making some yummytastic Waffles with the children using the waffle machine. I can’t wait to share this recipe with you. Roll on Thursday. 🙂