OMG, this week has been so busy with postal orders that I haven’t had a chance to write anything for my blog, work on anything in the kitchen or even reply to emails. I have been baking and posting non-stop since last Wednesday which is lovely. Everything else has had to take a back seat, for a change but I really don’t mind. After baking and posting an order for Sprinkles Cake for a customer in Yorkshire, this morning, as well as, making a few spare trays of Sprinkles Cake ( which have all been claimed by some of my regular customers) I am going to spend some time on my blog YEAH!!

No orders for tomorrow so I am hoping to get in the kitchen to work on my Halloween ideas. Gotta get ahead of myself this week as Halloween will be here before you know it. I have so many ideas for a Halloween Treat Box for children and adults to enjoy. Last year, I loved baking different treats for this time of year (my favourite time of year) and I have written a book sharing some of these ideas which you can get a copy of from Amazon. This is the link below for the paperback copy but the kindle will be available from the 20th September for you to enjoy for free. Watch out for this link as I will be sharing it soon 🙂

My days are filling up now with orders coming in nearly everyday for all sorts of things – some which I already offer on the webshop and some new things. I really want to add to the webshop some of these new ideas but it is just finding the time in my day to do this. I have been adding the nutritional information to the products on my webshop as I feel it is something everyone is interested in at the moment or does it put you off buying the products. I don’t think it does judging by my order book at present. 🙂

There is always something gets in my way – usually my children who seem to have taken to using my computer when they come in from school in order to finish some homework on it. 🙁 (even though tow of them have their own netbooks). I’m going to have to be stricter on them this week as it is becoming rather annoying to say the least.

Anyway, back to the baking, as I have some recipes I want to mess around with so I am off the the kitchen to check what ingredients I have as I really want to work on a Cookie Dough Cups idea (based on my Blondie Cupcakes) – making it more healthy by reducing the sugar, calorie and carbohydrate content of this recipe is my aim. Also, I am wanting to try out some “no bake ideas” with my children as I am in the process of writing another recipe book based on my own childrens’ ideas so it has taken some time to produce but I am nearly there.