This last week has been non stop with loads of prepping to do for all the little extras which I want to do ready for “Halloween” and “Christmas”. I know its only just the beginning of October but Halloween is just around the corner and in the homebaking business you have to be prepared for the next stage of the calendar so that you have time to get organised for customers orders.

This year I am going to do some Halloween Treat Boxes just like I did at “Easter” and “Christmas”. These boxes of goodies were a real hit with my customers, as well as, in my house so I am goign to offer something along the same lines. The Halloween Boxes will have a scary theme to them which I am really enjoying working on and making decisions about what to include. This has involved lots of trialling of my ideas so I think my children will be all “Halloweened out” by the time October 31st arrives. 🙂 Roll on Halloween for my customers and their little ghouls to enjoy these treat box goodies too!!

In a Halloween Treat Box there will be a scary Cookie, a ghoulish Cupcake a horrific Chocolate Bite and a monstrous Marshmallow Pop. All served in a scary Halloween themed box. These boxes will only be available for collection from my door on the 30th of October. A great way to start Halloween don’t you think?

This week I have had a variety of bakes for customers who have ordered via Facebook messenger. I find that Facebook is still the best social media site for contacting customers through and I use it an awful lot for getting my work out there. I do have Tumblr, Instagram and Linkedin which I use but I am still trying to get the hang of these platforms – I have my teenager to help me out for with this though! All this “boomeranging” and “adding to stories” is exhausting at times.

The baking starts again on Sunday with an order for a customer and I am making a Cereal Bar idea for my children to have as part of their packed lunches. I hate the idea that they buy snacks from school which I could bake and which would cost less in the long run. After all, it is all about saving money at this time of year isn’t it?

White Chocolate & Gingerbread Squares
Gingerbread & White Chocolate Squares

Monday is going to be a morning of Gingerbread for a regular customer so my kitchen will smell delightful – I can’t wait!! 🙂 However, before all of that I have to get through a busy weekend with my family as the children all have places to be. Looks like I am going to be chief taxi driver this weekend in between all the usual jobs that I will need to do ready for another week of school. 🙁