What a mad week it has been. I have never stopped but in a good way and last weekend was a wonderful start to the week with an impromptu sleepover and a lazy, lazy Sunday just eating and drinking. I was sad to see my sister leave to go home but I am sure I will see her again this week for a catch up. This week was another busy one with trains to catch, appointments to keep and the most important job of all – baking to do.

Well where did the week go?. It is Saturday afternoon and I feel like I haven’t been on the website for ages. There is always something else that just gets in the way of doing anything productive with my home baking blog and business. However, after a family chat during the week I feel like we might be getting somewhere as everyone has agreed, in theory, to allow me more time to work on Love-to-bake.uk by helping out a whole lot more with the many other jobs which I find myself doing instead. So it looks like it is all hands on deck from now on so that I can put my business first for a change – I just have to stick to the plan and make sure everyone mucks in!

This week, I have baked Cupcakes for the local school to sell to raise money for the earthquake appeal. I really enjoyed decorating the cakes which included some “Easter” themed ones as well as Icecream Sundae Cupcakes (daughter’s idea). Although I had a few spare to decorate with “Mother’s Day” theme my darling children decided they would eat the cakes plain so I didn’t get a chance.

Sweet Mincemeat and Marzipan Loaf

This post was supposed to be about the leftover baking which I did at the beginning of last week. When tidying out my baking cupboard I found sweet mincmeat and marzipan left over form Christmas and decided to use it all up. I baked a Sweet Mincemeat and Marzipan Loaf following my own recipe and it was divine. The best part was that only my husband and myself like the two main ingredients so all the more for us that is all I will say. I did share the loaf with my sister though so my Mam could try some as she likes the flavours of sweet mincemeat and marzipan too. Needless to say the loaf was gone by Wednesday afternoon as it was the perfect accompaniment with a cup of tea! This recipe had the creativity flowing as I am now thinking of trying some other flavours such as White Chocolate and Cranberry Loaf or maybe something savoury who knows what I will end up baking for my husband to try 🙂

My plans for the week ahead are to bake the orders which I have for collection and catch up on the book keeping side of the business but for the rest of this weekend I am just going to sit back and relax with my family 🙂