All I seem to have done this week has been “playing catch-up” as my time has been taken up totally with the children and their busy lives. I haven’t managed to find the time to do anything for me which has been the problem so I have been feeling a bit neglected. I am sure I will get myself out of this mood though – onwards and upwards is the way to go. I find I am the person who everyone goes to in this house when they need to talk. At the moment, everyone needs to talk – must be the change in the weather.

This week, I have had a furniture rearrangement in the living room and my lovely desk is now under the stairs. I am not too sure about this as I am missing the window and the lovely view. Although I think this may have been quite distracting – only time will tell – I will have to measure how productive I am now I do not have that view 🙁

White Chocolate Gingerbread
White Choc Gingerbread

On the baking front this week I have made a White Chocolate Gingerbread traybake for a customer to collect from my door and I have Corned Beef Pies to make for the weekend. Also, I need to bake a Vanilla Sponge Cake for my son to use as part of his homework. I am hoping if I do the baking that my husband and son can do the building part of the project so I may bake this cake tonight.

Last night, I decided to try out an idea with the Pizza Dough which I tried out last week for the first time. I made a basic dough using yeast, flour, water, sugar, salt and oil. The children decorated the dough with all their favourite toppings and the dinner was a real hit all round. With this dough, I wanted to make the Pizza with a sweet filling so I added Nutella Chocolate Spread to the dough and rolled the dough into mini knots. On baking, the knots were christened Mini Choc Pizza Knots by my youngest daughter and with a dusting of icing sugar these were delicious. My children loved them so much so they had them for breakfast and as a treat in their packed lunches today.

Tomorrow, I have an order for the Halloween Chocolate Bites and a Giant Cookie to bake, as well as, going for a birthday breakfast with my Mam. 🙂 Lots of chocolate work to do later today and tomorrow ready for the weekend. However, my day doesn’t stop there as I am taxi driver again for my eldest daughter. This is the final weekend for the dance showcase she is appearing in. So roll on Sunday night when it is all over. Maybe then I can concentrate on offering treat boxes again.