I am really loving the look of my website today. My husband has been sorting a few bits of code for me that I was struggling with but then he passed it over to me and I finished off the last few things. I love how colourful it is and that I now have a page for just my books. I am really impressed with him and myself for working on it like we have today. The adverts from Google Adsense are looking so much nicer than what they were but I think it works by what you write about and the amount of traffic you have on the blog and website determines which advertisers want to use your advert space.  Over the last six weeks my readers and visitors has gone up to nearly 3000 per month which I am really pleased with.  This has been my aim for the last month and it is starting to pay off. Now I just need to have some readers comments on my blog but to do this I am going to start commenting on other blogs which I read and hope they return the favour. I am also going to look into food photography and see if I can improve my own skills as well as invest in a better camera. Any ideas about what camera I should be using would be of a great help.

My Recipe Books

On the other hand, I have not baked anything today but I did allow my eldest daughter to make some cookies yesterday whilst I did other things. Needless to say there are some cookies ready for their packed lunches this week which I have not made. It is a nice feeling to think that I have nurtured my children and they are starting to want to try their hand at baking which is helping them to develop their own skills and ideas in the kitchen.

For now though, I am off to pester my husband for his help in placing photos in my second book of recipes which is just about finished. I have had loads of fun this last week writing and baking for this second book and I can’t wait to share it. None of the recipes from this book have been shared on my website or blog. The only place to see these recipes will be through my book. That is such a teasing sentence but it is true all the same. 🙂