Well I have done it at last. My compilation of all five recipe books is now published  through Amazon. It is available now and is called “A Year of Baking For Family and Friends”. It contains all the recipes from the first five books with quite a few changes. Better still it is available in colour paperback as well as an e-book and is worth every penny. In it I have changed some of the ideas and added to the original content of some of the books so if you haven’t bought one of my books yet I thoroughly recommend this one. A bit late to be a stocking filler although I am sure it would still be delivered in time for Christmas?? but nice as a recipe book to add to your collection (if you have one).

On the webshop front, I still need to work on the products available but this is something I will do over the Christmas holidays ready for a big push in the New Year and 2018. This is my aim for next year to increase the number orders I obtain from online customers.

For the rest of this week, as I don’t have any orders to finish off, I am going to bake some treats for my family and friends ranging from a Gingerbread village theme for the Christmas Eve table to a Chocolate Fruit Cake or two to give as presents this year. Also,  I have the brandy butter in my fridge which is crying out for some Sweet Mince Tarts which I am going to bake rather than buy from the shop.

Sweet Mincemeat Tarts
Sweet Mincemeat Tarts

Looks like the holidays is going to be rather busy as I have plenty of work to get through right now ranging from sorting videos of myself baking to de-cluttering my computer which seems to be chock-a-block with photos. Also. I need to look at dong a tax return (I think) since I have been self employed for a wee while now and the deadline is 31st January 2018.

Tonight, it is a Gingerbread night with the children all having the chance to make some wonderful creations out of gingerbread with a twist and I will share what they make later. They have spent some time last night drawing stencils ready to use on the gingerbread and one daughter is making the cookies as presents for her friends. Nice touch don’t you think?