After a few days working on my books and wading through my compilation of all five books I seem to have filled my head full of some new ideas to try. Even better is that I have invested in my photography equipment and bought a tripod for my camera so that I can now film my hands making different bakes and then share the recipes and video on different sites, as well as, on my blog. I am quite excited about this idea, so much so, that I have asked Santa for a cable which attaches to my DSLR camera and then I won’t risk knocking the camera as I take the photo or video. I can’t wait but in the meantime, I can practice and bake some goodies for the family at the same time. I have added the links to my pieces of equipment but you can always look around for what you want to buy and use which suits your needs.

My Books
My Books

Whilst writing my big book I have spent some time sorting through some junk, or what I thought was junk, which I had emptied out of my daughters bedroom to give them some more space. In amongst the said “junk” I found my old text books from my university days where I studied for my Food Science degree. I can’t wait to read them again and see if it fuels my imagination.

My plans for today are to go shopping and try and grab the last few pieces for my children as my husband is not at work so we’re off to spend some money.

However, from Tuesday it will be my time to play with my new gadgets and make a couple of videos of my self baking. I know what I am planning to bake – a treat fro my husband, well two treats really – a Rice Pudding dish made with evaporated milk and a Forest Fruit & Rhubarb Gingerbread Crumble as I have fruit to use up from the freezer and I want to make some Gingerbread Cookies for the childrens’ packed lunches this week. I will serve the crumble with custard for pudding tonight.

Back to my big book – I still haven’t decided on a name for it but it should be finished in the next few days so I need to make my mind up soon. I have basically added all the smaller recipe books together but re-written some parts of them as I have gone which means I have  different editions of these first books to put on Amazon so I am going to have to sort that out next. It never stops does it – the amount of jobs that a mother has plus trying to run your own business. Talking of business the deadline for my Christmas Cake orders finishes today so I will have to take them off the webshop. Ahhhh I have really enjoyed having these on the webshop as I have had quite a few orders via Facebook – of all places – for these cakes to be delivered locally or collected from my kitchen door. A big thank you to all my lovely customers this year and I hope to continue with my webshop next year too. Oh that reminds me I must work on my webshop some time this week too.

Cranberry & Orange Flapjack

Tomorrow, I will add a recipe for a Cranberry & Orange Flapjack which I made at the weekend as I have decided there must be lots of ways to use cranberry sauce in recipes so I am making it my aim to try and create a few recipes as I hate when the cranberry sauce jar is left at the back of the fridge and you don’t find it for several weeks after Christmas.

Exciting times ahead I feel – bring it on 2018. 🙂