Mini Jammy Dodger Cheesecakes
Mini Jammy Dodger Cheesecakes

There has been an idea going around in my head that has been there since about 7pm last night. Whilst looking at my Pinterest page,  I saw an idea for a Jammy Dodger Cheesecake recipe by “” which I had pinned to my homebaking board ages ago. I pinned it to my board as I initially liked  for the decoration on the top along with using the cookies on it. It got me thinking about cheesecakes which  are so really nice this time of year as a change from stodgy puddings – they are a signal that summer is on its way. The last time I did any work on cheesecakes was when I was at university studying Food Science, so this image in my head has got the cogs turning to the point that tomorrow I am going to make a cheesecake using a no bake recipe as shown in the one shown on my pinterest board. However, I am going to make an Oreo Cheesecake, as my children have a thing for Oreos.

Not only a cheesecake but after school today I am going to make my own version of Oreos (as my children have a thing for them). I am fed up buying  Oreos and I am sure they are a cookie which  I could bake cheaper and better for them to enjoy.  My only thought at the moment whilst going to the shop is what to make the Oreo filling out of. There are so many Oreo flavours on the market now from strawberry to peanut butter.  I am going to stick with the basic vanilla filling and who knows maybe there will be enough to decorate my cheesecake with tomorrow (if the children leave some).

Back to finishing off another ingredient to add to my blog ingredient page  and I will add the Oreo recipe later today.

The ingredient I am adding today is baking powder which I am going to be using in my Oreo cookie recipe later. Baking powder is a very useful chemical substance.

Baking Powder

Baking powder is a raising agent used in baking. It helps the product rise during baking and creates a lighter in texture and more aerated baked product. Most of the baking powders used in the baking of bread, scones and cakes release the co2 when the mixture is heated. Baking powder is made up of sodium bicarbonate, an acid and an anti caking agent. The baking powder has the other two ingredients added to stop the soda reacting prematurely with the acid salt and prolongs the shelf life of the baking powder.

If to much is added the resultant baked product will be over risen and on removal from the oven the product will sink in the middle. This is due to the large air bubbles that will have formed are too big for the structure to hold up and the bake then collapses. The taste of the bake will also be tainted as too much causes the bake to have a metallic aftertaste which if the bake has no strong flavours in it to mask this taste can ruin the bake.

If you have run out of baking powder you can make your own using bicarbonate of soda and cream of tartar in a 1:2 ratio e.g., 15ml bicarbonate of soda : 30ml cream of tartar.

These ingredients do go off and have a limited shelf life so it is important to use them whilst they are in date as the properties and the effect of the ingredients on the recipe will be greatly affected.

Well I hope you agree with my thoughts on baking powder and if you have anything further to add feel free to comment below.