First things first, thank you to the Royal Mail for their deliveries over the last few weeks. I can not fault them as my new customers who have ordered for postal delivery have all received their orders within twenty four hours of posting, No complaints from me so I am just hoping that the run of good luck continues and that my customers enjoy their orders and Royal Mail keep up their amazing work as I really don’t want to change delivery companies. 🙂

My new customers this week have had Empire Biscuits, Choc Chunk Brownies and Nutella Stuffed Cookies delivered to them and I really hope that they enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed baking them. It was lovely to bake the Stuffed Cookies again as I was going to remove this product from my webshop but maybe I will keep it now 🙂

Since moving house, I have been trying out a couple of Post Offices local to myself and I think I have found my favourite now. The staff are so friendly and now that they know what I do as a job (as they have often asked what I am posting) they often make the comment that the order may not even leave the room as they may get hungry later 🙂 At the last Post Office, in Kingston Park, I often took spares or samples of bakes which I had left over for the staff to enjoy so maybe I will have to do the same at the new Post Office soon 🙂

The schools and colleges have broken up for the Easter holidays and I am really looking forward to the lie ins and laziness that I know this holiday is going to bring. It is going to be so much less stressful than the last half term when my husband took ill and was in hospital for two weeks.

Although I may be able to lie in on a morning I am still planning on getting some jobs done in the house in between getting the school work done with my son in preparation for his SATs, baking customer orders, catching up on admin work and ferrying children around in their busy social lives. In fact, my husband and myself started on the jobs we want to get done outside this morning – with a bit of gardening. I’m hoping that by the summer there will be a lot more colour in my garden as it looks rather bland at present.

Tomorrow I am planning on hiding in the kitchen and getting some orders baked and some chocolate work complete as I have a few Easter Treat Boxes to prep for Friday. 🙂 The last day for ordering anything for Easter is Monday 11th April and my order book is filling up nicely. For the rest of this Sunday afternoon I am off into the garden with a cuppa to enjoy what my husband and myself have done 🙂