It has been a weekend of ferrying children around, making sure homework is all done, washing and ironing school clothes and celebrating my husband’s birthday. So today, I decided to give the baking a break and concentrate on planning what I am intending to do over the next few weeks and spend some time recharging my batteries. I didn’t sleep too well last night either which hasn’t helped matters as I have loads of things running through my head of what I want to do next so I thought it would be best to write my ideas down and empty my head then maybe I will sleep better tonight.

Anyway, after spending this morning brainstorming with my husband whilst enjoying a Costa I think I know which way to take my business. Also, it helped that I filed my tax return last night and I know how much I have made to date in this tax year coming which is an increase on the previous year – a positive thing right? So I must be doing something well and it has given me the boost I need to keep going. 🙂

My ideas for the business are to work on the Cake in a Jar flavours – add more to the webshop and try different sized jars (smaller individual jars that are not big enough to share). At the moment, I have :-

Chocolate with Oreos

Caramel with Rolos

Jammy Dodgers with White Chocolate

so there is room for more……

Also, I am going to be adding some low carbohydrate bakes to the webshop as I think these might become a good selling point. I am intending to have low carbohydrate treat boxes this weekend for customers who are interested – collection only of course!

Low Carbohydrate Bakes
Low Carbohydrate Bakes

The main job I want to get through is the addition of the nutritional data to all my recipes on the blog which may take a while but I think it is a helpful part of any recipe and it is always an area I look at when researching ideas. This job will be an ongoing thing that I will have to work hard on.

I have a few ideas for “Valentine’s Day” that I am going to have to try and I am already prepared for this with the stock of Valentine Sweets which I have hidden away from prying eyes. Even better the silicone mould which I ordered has arrived early so I can start making some chocolates and I am soooo excited about using this mould. 🙂