I decided this week that I needed to try working on the webshop and add some new products to to it, as well as, update some of the products already there. I wasn’t supposed to be doing this job this week but the low carbohydrate baking changed my mind. I think what I baked with the trial of different flours worked really well and I have had very positive comments from several people about the bakes. I still have the soya flour to try and bake with and I have a few ideas of what to use this flour in. Roll on next week when I can get creative again.

My idea for this week was to work on adding the nutritional data for all of my recipes but as of yet I haven’t had a chance to work on this as I soooo want to present the conversion table from The Calculator Site with my recipes. This will involve a bit of rejigging of the blog posts but I am sure I can do it.

This week has suddenly become busier and I have received several orders along with the Friday Treat Boxes. This week the Treat Box is a sweet one containing Peach Melbas and Choc Chip Shortbread. I picked both of these bakes to celebrate a couple of National Foodie Calendar Days as I seem to keep missing the days and it is already the middle of January.

Maybe next week or at least the weekend if I get a chance as next week is filling up with orders already. 🙂 For now I must concentrate on the webshop as I am not happy with the layout of some of the products so I feel like it is “work in progress”. This is how it is with a blog and shop though isn’t it? You are constantly updating and changing things around to go with the seasons and what is available to sell. Once I have the webshop sorted I can re-work the Etsy shop. Then and only then I might be happy 🙂

Anyway it is Thursday night, I still have products to add but at least the kitchen is clean and tidy ready for tomorrow. As long as the snow stays away I will be happy. I don’t think I am going to have an early night tonight as I still want to tweak a couple of products. The life of a home baker/blogger – I wouldn’t have it any other way.