First week back at school after the Christmas holidays and I am already baking trials for low carbohydrate ideas. I had been thinking about these sort of products for my own diet as I am getting to that age where I need to start looking after myself more combined with the needs of 4 children, running my own business, looking after a house and just finding time for me in general that I thought I would try a few things out. It was when a customer mentioned the low carbohydrate idea that I was reminded of what I was planning to do.

So this week I have spent some time researching, some time baking and some time taste testing the low carbohydrate ideas. I have made several decisions of what to try next, what to change, what to keep and so on. I baked a Coconut & Raspberry Slice, a Bakewell Slice (minus the jam) and Hazelnut & Cranberry Granola. The next trial bakes will be given out to a few customers I hope so that I have their honest opinion too.

Low carbohydrate treats are a strange thing to try as not only do you have to remove or reduce the sugar or try a sugar substitute but the flour used in the recipe has to be altered too. This has involved me trying out different flours such as coconut flour and almond flour. I knew these flours would give some taste to the bakes which would need to be masked unless I wanted the bake to have the flavour of coconut or almonds. Quite a task in itself, to mask a flavour and one which I need to work on further. I have spent a lot of my spare time working on nutritional calculations just so I know if I am heading in the right direction. I want to use my favourite recipes for this task rather than working on new ones as I want to offer the lower carbohydrate options to my family and on my webshop in the near future, so watch this space for more details.

This week has not only been about the trials as I have had some orders to bake for collection too. Ranging from Savoury Pies to Flapjack Traybakes – a nice mix of baking actually. Although it has been a quiet week – first week back in 2019, and all that, I didn’t expect it to be too busy. Onwards and upwards though isn’t that what they say. I have had two new customers this week though for the Friday Treat Boxes so I feel quite proud of myself.

As it was my husband’s birthday this weekend I had to bake a cake for him and on the order of my youngest child I have baked a “Snail”. No, not a real one!! A sponge snail which I baked the sponges for, filled with buttercream and jam, shaped and covered with fondant with the childrens’ help. Then I left them to decorate the snail however they liked – I took a step back and let them go for it. I think what they achieved and created between them is a very special cake for a very special man. We love him and he deserves it 🙂