This morning has been a rather hectic one but I have managed to sit down with a cup of coffee and I am writing up about what I have baked today. I never get to do this straight away so this is a first for me. There is always something else crops up and I tend to put my blog off to another day. Between the school run, errands which needed doing, baking for family, taking photos of the finished products I am quite pleased with what I have achieved today. I may even submit some work to “Tastespotting” and “Foodgawker”. As of yet I haven’t managed to have anything accepted but I am still trying. I might even get to update my website and pinterest board later.

I had already decided to make some scones, both sweet and savoury, but something a bit different. First of all I made some vegetable broth with the left over vegetables from Christmas. So the broth has carrots, parsnips, sprouts, potatoes and leeks in it. I will add some lentils later but for now the slow cooker is simmering away making tea for tonight. For the sweet scones I have made my favourite which are Treacle Scones.

I don’t use black treacle in them as my children don’t like the flavour. Instead I use golden syrup which does give a nice hint to the scones of a burnt caramel type taste.  Also I have added cinnamon to the scone mixture which gives a warmth to the scone. These are delicious on their own as my children will take them for lunch but I have tried one straight from the oven with butter on it. It was out of this world.

Cheese & Leek Scones
Cheese & Leek Scones

For the savoury scones, I decided to make them into cheese scones with leeks added.  First of all, I fried the leeks as this would remove some of the moisture but also intensify the leek flavour. These scones will go really well with the vegetable broth but are also just as nice with a slither of butter on them. I know what one of my daughter’s will be taking to school for her packed lunch tomorrow. 🙂

The problem with scones is they only have a shelf life of 24 hours, even when kept in an airtight tin. However, I find that if you warm them through in the oven over the next couple of days they return to being just as fresh and yummy.

After being told that there were no brownies left this morning by one of my children I decided to make them something different for their packed lunches. I have made flapjacks but as I didn’t have any demerara sugar I have used a mixture of muscovado and caster sugar. When I melted these sugars together with the butter and syrup and added the oats to it there seemed to be an awful lot more liquid than normal. I decided to add some self raising flour to help soak up the liquid and to bulk out the recipe.

I am sure the children will eat these up before Thursday and request something else for Friday. Hahaha. ( one daughter in particular will state that they are not as good as her flapjacks but as she can’t remember the recipe we have to make do with mine). I am sat here picking at this slice of flapjack whilst typing up my blog. The flapjack has a caramel/toffee hint to it which I am putting down to the sugars I used in the recipe. Very different indeed.

 I have not put any of these recipes on the website yet but if you are interested just comment below or contact me through my website