Well I think I have had a long enough break – if you can call it that?. All I have done is decorate the house with a quick trip to Scotland and a few walks with the family. My husband is back to work so I thought I had better make the effort and get back to it. I have hit the ground running this morning with orders for Empire Biscuits and a special request for an Apple and Cinnamon Loaf Cake which is an order for next week. I have added this new Loaf Cake to the webshop this morning as it is definitely a winner in my eyes 🙂

On the baking front, I have baked and decorated (with the help of my daughters) a Birthday Cake for my daughter who was sixteen, last week. Where has the time gone? Needless to say all my family enjoyed the Birthday Cake, which was my signature Chocolate Cake , as there is none left this morning!!

Shrek swimming in a Swamp Birthday Cake

There are not many days left of this summer holiday and I feel like we have hardly done anything as every spare minute has been spent working on the house. I have a list of jobs sat beside me that I really want to get through so that I can feel like I have accomplished a whole lot more today than my usual effort. I think my break away has made me lazy about my homebaking business which is not what I want so “onwards and upwards” is the motto of today 🙂

It has been lovely to get back in the kitchen and bake for customers rather than just my family so I am walking around with a big smile on my face and making plans in my head about what to next with my blog and webshop. There are so many things I want to do but not enough hours in the day which is why I need lists – lots and lots of lists – just to keep my head right. Being self employed, as well as, a mother is really hard at times so sometimes the baker in me has to take a step back to concentrate on my family and home, recharge my batteries and prepare myself for the next stage of my business. Thankfully my husband is cool with this idea as he knows I need to share my time in lots of areas but he always supports me in what I do.

As for the rest of today I have a few jobs to do in the house which I left yesterday, the weather is miserable here so it looks like I am stuck in the house with my family. Maybe I will just spend some time with each of them and check how they are doing in themselves 🙂