You know that point in your life when you realise that if you are going to make any changes then now is the time. Well I have hit that point. I think it is a combination of the New Year and different new ideas which I want to try. I’m talking changes to bakes that I do for my family which are still at the trial stage which I get my children and husband to try and most of the time they really enjoy the bakes. This is the way I work and always have worked before I introduce any new bakes to my webshop.

Bake On
Keep Calm and Bake On

For the next few weeks, I will be researching and trialling low carbohydrate bakes as I really want to up the ante, as it were, to cater more to the health conscious customer. Don’t get me wrong I think what I bake so far is not too bad and my general philosophy is that as long as you don’t overeat , take regular exercise and have everything in moderation you should be okay. However, there is always room for a well deserved treat in any diet or lifestyle isn’t there?

I am pushing this low carbohydrate baking more for myself too as I have reached that stage in my life where I need to concentrate more on me and a customer mentioned the low carbohydrate to me last week which reminded me about what I had been thinking about for myself. Once I have baked a few ideas, I am hoping that the children will embrace what I bake as in the long term it will benefit them too. I don’t tend to tell the children if I have baked something slightly different as I let them try the bakes first, watch their reaction, listen to what they think then make the decision if I tell them what is in the bake. It is at this point I decide if I add the product to my webshop or offer it in the Friday Treat Box.

Mini Pies
Mini Corned Beef Pies and Macaroni Cheese Tarts

So today so far, has been a short baking session in the kitchen for a customer who ordered a batch of Fruit Scones. After tidying up and catching up with my sleep – bad night’s sleep for me! (A nightmare which woke me up and then I couldn’t get back to sleep again as all I could think about was the nightmare) I have switched on the computer to find another order for Mini Corned Beef Pies and Mini Macaroni Cheese Tarts which are to be collected on Friday so it looks like that will be my Friday Treat Box this week again. A second week of savoury treats I wonder how that will go down?

As you can see I have plenty to be working on this week but there is always room for more. Later today, after the school pickup I have to crack on with what bakes I am planning in relation to the Foodie Calendar for 2019. Yes I have already compiled the calendar so I just need to start looking at it and including it in my blog. Bit difficult to do when I have orders to bake. Also, I have a promotion to add about my books this week but more about that later. 🙂