Well what can I say but after many weeks of looking for employment I have found a job and I start on Monday. There are several reasons for my new employment of which the main ones are that the cost of living has affected many small businesses and the number of orders have become less and less which in turn has affected my contribution to the household. With two daughters going to university in September I had to do something to help my husband who works extremely hard for his family but times are tough right now and I feel this job has arrived at the right time for us.

The hours are part time but they fit in with the school runs so my job will not affect my husband’s job which is a good thing. 🙂 As the job is part time I will have time (fingers crossed ) to keep Love-to-bake.uk running although I still haven’t decided about this yet and I am going to see how it goes for now. I know of many other home bakers who started off working for an employer and doing their home baking on the side but I am doing it the other way around. I think having four children and being a stay at home mother for so long the home baking business has suited my lifestyle but now the children are fleeing the nest (although I don’t think we will ever be rid of them) I need something else for myself 🙂 My husband thinks this job will be the making of me and improve my positivity about myself as he thinks I am feeling stuck in a rut at times which I am inclined to agree with 🙂

However, isn’t it just typical that I am due to start a new job which I am really excited but slightly nervous about and I then receive baking orders from regular customers and I just can’t say no to. So as of Monday, I am part of the employed/self employed as I have a new job to start and I have orders to post to customers which is a strange position to be in but I am sure I can sort everything out.

I have lots to learn for my new job and I am not quite ready to share with you all about what I am doing but once I speak to my employer ( feels weird saying that ) I will let you all know. Just having an interview after nearly twenty years of being a full time mother plus a self employed homebaker was a surreal event but I have done it and accepted the position which I applied for. I am really excited about Monday and starting my new job. I feel like this last week has absolutely dragged but the weekend is here and  I am chilling before the start of a busy week to come 🙂

This weekend I had Cheese Scones and Empire Biscuits to bake for collection and then more Empire Biscuits and Bakewell Slice to bake on Monday for postal delivery to a regular customer. I will keep blogging and sharing what I do but whether I close the webshop or keep it going I haven’t quite decided yet. I will need to sort out a few things before I decide what I am going to do in the long run but more of that at a later date. In the meantime wish me luck!!! 🙂