Trial of Fruit Scones

Trials and Errors

Fruit Scones I have baked so many of these over the years and I am just never happy with them as they always seem so flat and spread out to me. I am always comparing them to what I see in cafes and the supermarkets and wondering what the secret is? So I have been

Pink Slice

Trial Bake Weekend!

What a beautiful few days here in County Durham 🙂 Just a shame I had to be running about getting jobs done before the weekend kicked in so I can actually take a seat and rest for a while. Being self employed though is never really a job where you can just take a rest

Blogging Notebook

Getting the Delivery Menu Noticed

At present my delivery menu method are to allow myself 2-3 business days to bake an order from start to finish so that I can deliver within the 3 day time frame. For example, if a customer orders on a Monday morning then the order will be available for delivery by the Wednesday morning/Thursday morning

Mini Milky Bar Cheesecakes

“Coronation Day” Long Weekend

Well another long weekend and I hope everyone is having a relaxing time. I am making the most of the downtime and enjoying the lie-ins and the chill out time. The children are all in their rooms no doubt on the technology but at least they are not pestering me for this or that. So

Baking Meme

Quiet Week Playing Catch Up!

I feel like it has been ages since I posted anything and my excuse is that I have been a bit on the busy side getting my delivery business up and running. I have managed to get a few orders in which have been collected and delivered by myself but my husband thinks I need

"Coronation Day" Berry Cheesecakes

Trialling a Few Ideas

I have had a busy few weeks working on some ideas which I want to try out for my business. The first is a delivery menu which I opened last week and I am offering to local businesses in my area. On this menu there will be a range of savoury and sweet bakes which