Jam Tarts

Lazy Sunday Baking

Woke up thinking “Well what should I bake today”. Something yummy for tea. Something for my husband (his favourite) and something for children’s packed lunches. So I set to work. I love when you just go with flow and see what ends up being made. No real plans – but the end product is so

Giant Jaffa Cake

Changing the Jaffa Cake Recipe.

I have been trying out new ideas recently and with the recipe for the giant jaffa cake I have altered the chocolate and used a white chocolate ganache instead. Also I have changed the jelly flavour to raspberry. The only part I left the same was the sponge which I felt did not need any

Birthday Sign

What Next on the Homebaking Front.

Going to be adding some recipes to my website and blog. Just a few of the homemade goods I have made recently that I want to share which my family and I have enjoyed recently. Busy working on the nutritional information  and costings before I upload them .  Also have birthdays coming up in my

White Chocolate Flapjack

How it all Started

Lets start at the beginning and the route that led me to creating my own blog on this Inter-Web thingy and starting a new business. Many years ago I graduated with a degree and, after that, a Postgraduate diploma, in Food Science and Brewing & Distilling (making and drinking, hic ! – just a little

Giant Jaffa Cake

My Giant Jaffa Cake.

This morning I woke up and thought what should I try to make different today. My final idea was a giant jaffa cake. Yes those yummy cake/biscuits with a lovely orange centre and smothered in chocolate. So I set to work in between other jobs. This is what I did in pictures and although quite

Checking the temperature Shortbread Cookies

Here we go – 2nd post

This blog writing is a full time job. There is so much to read up about as well as changes to be made to my own website.  So far I have one video to edit before it gets uploaded and it appears that there will be many more changes I need to make to my