Go and grab a copy of my newest recipe book. Click on the image above to be redirected to my book on Amazon. The e-book is available for one week only till the 26th January. Right now you can buy a copy for £1.99 but in less than 12 hours it will be £2.99. So treat yourself whilst you can. I am going to buy myself a copy of the paperback, which is in colour as I think it will be nice to have a copy of this book to show people what I have done. I still need to get a paperback copy of the last three books as I find I tend to go to the kitchen drawer and find the “Easter Treats” book especially when I need to remind myself of a recipe or two. Very strange I know but we all need a reminder once in a while.

Double Chocolate Chip Muffins

My baking today was taken over by my daughter who made some Double Chocolate Chip Muffins as a weekend breakfast treat for her siblings and herself. I did manage to nab a couple for my husband and myself to eat with a coffee and they tasted divine (but she did use my recipe and she changed it slightly by adding cocoa into the recipe under my supervision).

Whilst she was mixing the muffin batter she did talk about the fact that she would enjoy Food Technology more if I was her teacher and that I made the muffins so much easier than her teacher showed them. I explained to her why I made them using one method and not the way her teacher did and I think she understood. My husband must have overheard us talking and spoke to me later about maybe looking into teaching cooking from home or as a part time job somewhere but I don’t think that would be possible as my kitchen is not big enough to teach in, I don’t think there are many people who would be interested and I can’t really go and find a job somewhere with having four children – childcare costs etc.  My best option is to keep running the blog, push the webshop, keep writing recipe books and be here for my family.

I will add this recipe tomorrow as there are so many different flavours you can make with this recipe that I definitely need  to spend some time on this recipe. I will include the nutritional information, equipment needed and dietary changes which can be made too.

As for the rest of today, I am going to enjoy watching the snow falling, watch Ghostbusters on the TV with the children and keep cosy and warm. Have a nice Sunday!