How long have I been baking for now? Years and years and I feel like I have only now mastered Brownies and I know that is a strange thing for a home baker to confess to but I have tried so many recipes over the years, watched so many videos about different bakers using different techniques to make the Brownies all to no avail. However, thanks to two other bakers I have devised a recipe that is a combination of two of their own to bake a Brownie that even I can eat.

The two bakers I looked at in great detail are Jane’s Patisserie and Ridiculously Rich by Alana who between them both have perfected Brownies 🙂

I have tried so many recipes and methods, over the years, but never managed to bake a Brownie that I like (maybe I’m too picky). However, when I studied both of their recipes I decided to take the parts which I liked from both and combine them and with a few other tweaks, along the way, for good measure I think I have created a recipe which works. I think the resultant bake of Brownies were a great bake. All the base was baked, the centre was not over gooey – which I hate, all the edges were baked and the Brownie was not cake like. Believe me when I say I have had some real disasters over the last few months that even my own family wouldn’t eat so I’m pleased that I have managed to master this bake at last.

Brownie Wheel
Brownie Wheel

Now I need to move onto the Blondies and this is going to require some work so my children will be living on Blondies for a few months at least. 🙂 I don’t think they will mind though do you??

The problem with Brownies and Blondies is there are so many methods, ingredients, especially sugars, which can be used so getting the recipe right is difficult. The baking time can vary so much depending not only on the oven used but the texture of the desired bake, whether it be gooey or more cake like the devil is in the detail as far as baking Brownies and Blondies is concerned.

Biscoff Blondies

After receiving an order last week for some Biscoff Blondies for a lovely customer of mine I thought I would apply the same principle to a batch of Blondies. I gathered together the recipes which I wanted to base my recipe on and sat down to work out what I wanted to do. I used the same method as what Ridiculously Rich by Alana demonstrated on a Facebook video and crossed my fingers that the resultant baked Blondies would pass the taste test. The waiting for the Blondies to cool was never ending but oh my was it worth the wait. The Blondies were delicious as all the sides were baked, the centre was squishy but not over squishy and the addition of the white chocolate chunks, broken Biscoff biscuits and swirls of Biscoff spread just made the Blondies complete – well when I decorated the Blondies with white chocolate, biscoff biscuits and biscoff spread drizzle that is when the tray was complete – in my opinion!!. Needless to say, the trial tray of nine pieces did not last long in my house and I think the customer enjoyed them too.

I’m very happy with myself for what I have achieved and I know it is only Brownies and Blondies but this is a bake which not too many can master and bake to perfection. 🙂 Bring on the next challenge!!