Phew what a week I have had this week and the worst part is I started writing this post on Sunday evening so it just shows that the last few days have been busy too. It has been my busiest week to date this year 🙂 All week in the kitchen baking orders for postal delivery and collection. I’m not complaining though as it is what I want to business to be like – me in the kitchen baking, packing and posting the orders or waiting for the customers to come and collect. I am loving my job right now as I just don’t know what unexpected orders I will be receiving through the webshop so it makes it all very exciting. Although I try to plan my weeks and months work it can all change or rather add to my workload when orders come in for postal delivery. I don’t mind though when I get reviews like this from new customers:-

“Absolutely divine! Brought back many positive childhood memories of enjoying school puddings without the calorie concerns! The homemade pastry, filling, topping and overall textures were spot on! I would definitely recommend and will be definitely reorder from this lovely Geordie seller!”

My favourite review from a lovely new customer 🙂 Thank you!! It is reviews like this which make me realise that what I do is worthwhile and I should be sharing more of what I do with my readers and customers.

My Friday Treat Boxes went down a treat too, last week, so much so, that I have had to add a notice to the webshop so that my readers and customers know that I will be taking some time off over the Easter weekend. As from tomorrow evening I am officially having a break for a few days and I can’t wait.

It is my children who have been complaining – well moping around being bored as I haven’t really taken them anywhere except for a trip to the supermarket :(. However, on Monday, my husband was off work so we headed out for the day – an unexpected treat for the children as they have been couped up in the house and they really did need to blow the cobwebs away. Whist I have been busy in the kitchen I have been making the children get through some homework as they seem to have so much this holiday. I don’t think it is very fair so we are trying to get it all out of the way so they can really enjoy themselves at the Easter weekend 🙂

Since, having Monday away from the kitchen I have had to play catch up a little bit but I am up to date now and raring to go tomorrow when I have the Easter Cupcakes and Easter Cookies to bake ready for the Easter Treat Boxes which are being collected. I have really enjoyed today making the chocolate treats for the boxes. All prepped and ready for action.

However, I might be already for baking but the house looks like a bomb has dropped as there is a pile of ironing to do, grass to cut, tidying up to do, clothes to put away and so on. I am hoping whilst I am baking that my husband and children can try and do some of the jobs to save me a bit of time and then from Friday onwards the time is ours to enjoy at our leisure. Woohoo!!

Once the children are back at school, I will be able to sit and write a few more posts a I feel like I have not had the chance to write that much the last two weeks so I really need to share some recipes that I have for you to try.