Where has this last week gone? In the blink of an eye another family birthday is upon me and I am now planning a birthday cake for my eldest daughter. I have been told what she would like so fingers crossed I can do it justice. I am being such a “busy little bee” right now that I feel like I am waiting for myself to just burn out. 🙁 Maybe the fact that I have already started spring cleaning when we haven’t even had a winter yet has something to do with it ?? The problem is that it will take me a lot longer to do the cleaning as:-

  • I am running a home baking business and that always comes first or so I like to think. 🙂
  • We still have our house on the market and touch wood there is some interest now so we have a few viewings to attend too.
  • As well as the spring cleaning to do I can see that I need to start painting again which is a bad sign??
  • I am trying to organise my eldest in preparation for her upcoming GCSE exams so that she can be more relaxed in the run up to them. After all, “everything should have a place and there is a place for everything” don’t you think? (think we are all sorted in this area now).
  • Clothes, clothes and more clothes are the problem in my house so I am slowly going through wardrobes and chests of drawers deciding what is needed and what is not. The recycling clothes bank had a big donation this week and there is still more to come 🙂

As you can see I am a glutton for punishment as I like to pile the work up and slowly wade through it. I am hoping the children and husband will start to help me with the jobs once they see how motivated I am to get things done. Fingers crossed on this idea 🙂

Back to Monday though as I spent the day baking for a regular customer. A large selection of baked goodies which I posted on Tuesday morning. I baked Empire Biscuits, Biscoff Blondies and Cornflake Tarts all of which are available on my webshop. I loved having a day baking all these lovely products and I even popped in a little homemade Chocolate Bar as a “thank you” to the customer for ordering so much. I hate the packaging, labelling and posting side of the job but it has to be done before I can fill in all the necessary paperwork including ingredients suppliers, cleaning schedule and generally keeping up to date with the business admin.

I received a lovely message on Wednesday to say she had received the parcels. One happy little baker here 🙂 and an even happier customer 🙂 This makes all the hard work worth it and spurs me on to do more 🙂

From the Facebook share about this order, I had another order, for collection, which I baked yesterday 🙂 A Biscoff Blondies with blondie mixture going spare could only mean one thing. My little family got to try M&Ms Blondie Cups or a Terry’s Orange Chocolate Blondie Cups after school. 🙂 Needless to say the sample cups didn’t last very long as they went down very well indeed.

As long as my other jobs go to plan then I am on target for some creative time over the weekend in between all the other mundane jobs which I have to do.

On the blogging front I have to add some more product ideas to the webshop which I want to share for “Valentine’s Day” so I need to get this done soon. Also, I am wanting to carry on with the nutritional information on the recipes as I think it looks really good.

Blogging Notebook
Blogging Notebook

It’s Friday bed time now, the children have been fed and karate club is finished so it is time for me to grab a cuppa and settle down for a well deserved break as I have a busy day ahead of me tomorrow.