Back to school – new schools for my children – so they are in a settling in period which I hope doesn’t take too long. One daughter has even started at one sixth form college and is now making a fresh start at a sixth form attached to my other daughters school. She had a change of heart for her own reasons which is absolutely fine as it has been such a hard couple of years for school children due to Covid-19. I’m sure she will be fine and I am here to support her in all her decisions. Sometimes you just want to take their tears away and believe me there have been a lot of tears this last two weeks by three of my four children.

On a happier note, my eldest daughter is turning into a real good chef with excellent chopping skills. She has basically taken over in the kitchen and does most of the meal prep when she comes home from college. She loves creating and presenting food and the rest of my family love to eat what she makes. Sometimes I feel quite relegated to the side lines when she takes over in the kitchen but it is a welcome break for myself so I shouldn’t complain. At present, we are trying out Hello Fresh for our meal ideas and there are some quite good ideas which the family have enjoyed making again and again.

Baking wise, I have kept busy this whole week but thankfully it has fitted in with the schools and colleges. There has been Empire Biscuits and Corned Beef Pies ordered for postal delivery and collection. Something sweet and something savoury for a change. Over the weekend, I had orders of Fudge and Stuffed Cookies for a customer to collect on Sunday. I even made some extras as a treat for my family!! 🙂

As you can see I have been rather busy with just my family returning to school and college so I haven’t had much time to myself but today I am sat in my office with my tunes blaring in the background ready to have a nose about online to see what other home bakers are doing right now. I don’t want to copy anyone – just try and put my own twist on what is out there right now. 🙂 Wonder what I will come up with? Everyone seems to have jumped onto the Halloween and Christmas bandwagon so maybe I will create something along those lines. I definitely need to do a restock on my decorations and purchase some Halloween themed sweets.

I have so much to get done, not only in the house but with my business that I think I will spend the start of this week doing business admin in the hope that I can finish some more redecorating in our house, orders permitting!! First though, I am going to spend my lunch time searching online for some inspiration. Watch this space for my new ideas 🙂