It is nearly the middle of October and soon it will be “Halloween” which I love as it is my birthday. This year I have big plans for my birthday cake so fingers crossed it works out otherwise my husband will just have to buy a supermarket celebration cake 🙂

Where has the last month gone? The return to school and college in my house seems to have just gone on and on but I think we are all sorted now. We have already had a residential trip for one of my children and we aren’t even at half term yet.

I decided towards the end of last week that I really need to make a start on my Halloween ideas just to see what works and what is a hit with my family. So far I have made Halloween Cookie Dough Bites which I decorated as bloodshot eyeballs and mummies, Halloween Shortbread Biscuits and a Halloween Cake 🙂 All of these bakes have been enjoyed by my family so I am going to add the Halloween Cookie Dough Bites and Halloween Biscuits to the Treat Box for Halloween. As for the Halloween Cake that was a one off just so I could try out the “marshmallow spiderweb” which I have seen many times on Youtube and Pinterest. I am trying not to do birthday cake orders as I feel they take up too much time and you don’t often make that much as you spend so much time on making a cake for a celebration and the pricing is so hard to get right. Just the products on my webshop keep me busy enough during the week and there are quite a few of them.

My plans were dashed last night as the website broke so I had to enlist my husband to fix it for me. The whole repair took quite some time so in the end I just sat and enjoyed Strictly Come Dancing and called it a day. My Sunday morning was supposed to be all about the blog but everything else got in the way as it usually does in my house. I did manage to add some videos to my TikTok channel with the help of one of my daughters and these videos are proving quite popular at present. It has inspired me to get some more videos onto my Youtube channel as I haven’t been very active for quite some time on Youtube.

It is Sunday evening now and I am sat in the armchair trying to get some writing out of the way as it looks like tomorrow is going to be another hectic one. I have plans to paint a door or two in the morning, then pick up a daughter from school, meet my mother and sister for lunch, then do the school run before heading home to work on the blog (open up the Halloween Bakes on the webshop) and maybe the new ingredient lists ( I have finished 6 out of 51 products so far) so there is still a long way to go. A couple of late nights are needed to complete this task. Also, I have some more ideas to try out so I really need to find some time to fit some trial bakes in too. 🙂