Breaded Chicken
Homemade Breaded Chicken

Well I have bought chicken breast to make some home made chicken nuggets for the family dinner as requested by them during the week. Now I am trying to work out the ingredients for the crumb coating for the chicken nuggets. My first idea was basic breadcrumbs with salt and pepper added to it but now I am thinking of adding some cracker biscuits to the mix. These will give an added crunch to the nuggets which I am sure the children will enjoy. These are going to be served with home made potato wedges as they are the only type of wedges my eldest will eat. It will be nice to have the family eat the same meal for once. Usually I end up making four different variants of the same meal. For pudding they have the brownies and flapjacks which I made yesterday. Hopefully this will fill them up for the rest of the evening and they will go to bed on a full stomach.

Making healthy meals for the children is sometimes hard work but my children seem to eat a variety of foods just not all at the same time. My eldest is only now starting to branch out and try new foods which she used to eat when she was younger but as she developed her own mind she refused them. I have never pushed my children to eat anything (mainly because I was pushed to eat food I didn’t like when I was younger). Their taste buds are developing, some quicker than others. For instance my son eats mainly cereals and pasta for his dinners. He eats plenty of fruit but not much vegetables. I am of the opinion that as long as he is eating something I am okay.

Today for dinner I am making cottage  pie with minced beef. Something I don’t even like the smell of but I am prepared to make it for the rest of the family who are keen on it. My eldest saw the minced beef and suggested I make beef burgers for those who don’t like cottage pie. Again something I don’t eat. Looks like I will be having a sandwich or toast for dinner tonight.

Gingerbread Reindeer Cookies
Gingerbread Reindeer Cookies

Tomorrow I am baking for the childrens’ packed lunches again but we are going down the festive route and I am going to make some gingerbread reindeers and Christmas trees. I will try to make some other cookie bakes during the week but the closer we are getting to Christmas the busier my week becomes. I really need to look through my recent photos and share what I have made last week.