On the baking front today I have to bake for the recipe book, for the childrens’ packed lunches and to use up some ingredients which are starting to turn. There are three bananas in the fruit bowl which are crying out to be made into a chocolate banana cake. The children need some home made goodies for their lunch bags so brownies are on the menu as they are a definite winner and probably flapjack of some description. (they need some choice ).

My husband and I are trying to make dinners for ourselves from what is in the cupboard – one to save money this week till pay day and two to use up what is in the cupboard. As he put it “we are eating like students this week”. I wonder what concoction we will come up with tonight. The children on the other hand know exactly what they are eating this week as I always do a menu with them to try not to overspend on the groceries. This really does work , as long as it is stuck to, which this week it will be strongly adhered to as money is rather tight and as a family of six we have to be economical and efficient this day and age. Gosh this sounds depressing but actually it is proving to be quite fun. My husband is enjoying mixing things up in the kitchen. My children love checking the menu for the week. In fact sometimes one of them will write the menu out all fancy for the week as though they are in a restaurant. I don’t know about restaurant but it definitely feels like a café sometimes. I wouldn’t have it any other way though as the children love to help with meals and at this rate it won’t be long before the children are cooking meals for me (I hope).

The latest request I have had was by my son who described to me about “a big ball of dough which he wants to make with me where we have to punch it and squish it a lot to help it rise”. I think his class have been baking this week so I am going to have to let him make some bread soon while he is in the mood. Maybe some cheesy bread for them to eat with some home made broth at the weekend to use up the vegetables of course. Better still, I will just divide the dough between them and let them pick their own flavouring. Knowing my children we would end up with pancetta and black olive, cheese, chocolate and jam flavoured bread. I am smiling and licking my lips at the thought of the breads my children could make. Perhaps I will share the results on here if I can take a photo before they eat them. Anyway that is something to look forward to for the weekend.

I will write up these recipes for the flapjack, cheesy bread and so on  over the next few days as I don’t tend to stick to standard recipes from books but alter them to suit. Back to today I am off to the kitchen to get prepped for some treats. 🙂