This week will be centred around product work. My products are needing to be updated and changed to suit the market I am aiming for. With that in mind, I have baked a couple of trials, this week, which my family have tried as I wanted to see their reaction before I went any further on the development of the products.

Brownie Honeycomb Overload Jar
Brownie Honeycomb Overload Jar

The first trial was a the Brownie in a Jar which I mixed up with homemade honeycomb (or cinder toffee) as I remember it. This was my first attempt at homemade honeycomb and it worked really well. Very yummy and the children loved it too. As well as, the honeycomb I added choc chips and Crunchie Bites to the mix with lashings of whipped cream too. Needless to say, the final product was “AMAZINGLY, ARTISTICALLY AWESOME” (my youngest child’s words) and not a drop was left.My children are slightly biased though. 🙂 I think my family are hoping I will make another trial for them to try but I don’t think they will be eating another any time soon. Any trials this week will be offered for collection as I think my family need a much needed break 🙂

As you can imagine there are many different flavourings that can be added to the brownie and fresh cream in a jar scenario so there is a lot to work with. I’m thinking Caramac, Hershey’s and Oreo to name but a few. However, there are two drawbacks with these Brownie Overload Jars :

  • will only be available for collection as the topping overflows out of the jar
  • being made with fresh cream so it has a short shelf life

Maybe, I will make some Brownie in a Jar for postal using buttercream and ganache rather than fresh cream but there will be no overfill on these postal jars – sorry 🙁

Now, I have their comments I can try out some other ideas this week, as well as, add the products to the webshop. I am going to replace some products I offer with others, add some new categories, remove some of the products from my repertoire and then take it from there.

My Flyer for my Webshop
My Flyer for my Webshop

At the moment, I have an offer on my webshop whereby the customer will receive 10% off their purchase when they spend £15.00 or more in one transaction. So far, I have had a good response to this offer which is running over the summer – hence the coupon “SUMMER10”.

This week, orders allowing, my main job will be the products – just to get my webshop looking how I envision it to be. Hopefully, not a paintbrush will touch my hand, unless, I grow restless and decide to try and finish the painting instead. It all depends how warm it gets here – I managed to paint quite a bit last week and I am really happy with the results. 🙂 However, I feel that I neglected my blog quite a bit last week (even though I did manage to do a few bits and pieces) so I am going to concentrate on my blog.

I will be adding the teacher presents ideas to the webshop because there are only four weeks till the end of another school year. It has flown by don’t you think? More about this on Monday. In the meantime, have a lovely sunny and safe weekend in the UK or wherever you may be.