It has taken me all day to decide what to write about in my blog today. My ideas are for Halloween baking which doesn’t involve pumpkin. I do like pumpkin but I am finding that everywhere I look at the moment there are recipes which involve pumpkin, in some shape or form.

Gory Gingerbread Men Cookies
Gory Gingerbread Men Cookies

My Halloween baking will involve my children. No I am not going to be baking them!! Just letting them come up with some ideas and making sure the recipes are easy enough for children to follow.

My first recipe which they are going to help make for dinner tonight will be “mummified hotdogs”. I already have the butter in the freezer to make the flaky pastry from later.

My son requested that we make “scary witches fingers” and he can take them in his packed lunch tomorrow to frighten all his friends with. He has a wicked sense of humour.

So the fun begins. I do love this time of year as I always try to have something scary for the children to enjoy as a treat for tea.

I will be adding the photos as I make the treats for Halloween  so watch this space.