WOW just WOW that is all I can say 🙂 I have had an amazingly busy two weeks baking orders to be posted to customers in the UK, as well as, orders for collection, that my kitchen has been well used since I painted it a few weeks ago. I’m not complaining, by all means, but my main bake has been Empire Biscuits – lots and lots of Empire Biscuits. I can only assume that people are sharing their order when it arrives or letting their friends and family know as the next thing is I receive another order from a new customer. I have used so many glace cherries that I need to buy some more, along with raspberry jam just to make sure I have enough ingredients for the week ahead. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for visiting my webshop and ordering from myself. I have worked so hard to get the everything up and running again with bakes that I enjoy baking and want to share with people.

Although my baking orders have picked up, I have experienced my first delayed order this week though which was a terrible experience as it happened to a regular customer of mine who I have the pleasure of baking for. This side of the business has been the hardest part for me to make a decision on but after looking at what other online business were doing I just thought it would be okay to open up my webshop again. I tend to worry about my orders arriving safely to my customers even after all this time and I understand that the Royal Mail are still struggling with deliveries in this lockdown. As so many people and companies are going online for all their deliveries now the number of parcels the mail companies are dealing with has increased at the same time as the number of employees is fluctuating due to isolation because of the virus. I have even considered trying a different parcel delivery service which would mean a change in delivery costs to the customer and as this is the first time anything like this has happened I am going to stay with the Royal Mail but I assume all parcel delivery companies are experiencing the same problems. 🙁

Customer Order for Postal Delivery

I’m staying with Royal Mail as I have the webshop set up and connected to them so that the postage is calculated immediately at the checkout. All updates are automatically carried out without interruption to the website. It so easy and hassle free just to take the parcels to my local post office with the postage and labels all in place and ready to go to whatever destination in the UK. As long as something like this doesn’t happen again anytime soon then I am not planning on changing my delivery choices anytime soon. That is not to say, that I am not still looking and finding out about the other options available to small business like mine and that I won’t change my mind in the near future. 🙂

It’s Friday afternoon, homeschooling is finished for the day and the children are all busying away doing what children do so I am planning on spending the rest of my day studying as I have a second assignment to finish and hand in. I’m busy rewriting and retaking photos for my various recipe books at the present time as I feel I have loads more to say in my books and my photography skills have improved a lot over the last year. I’m keeping myself busy when I don’t have anything else to do 🙂 I’ll share my rewritten recipe book links when I am happy with them.

New Cookie Cutters

My plans for the weekend are to gloss a few bits of woodwork around the house which means the painting and decorating will be finished. 🙂 Then I can bake some cookies with my youngest child so we can have a practice with my new cookie cutters which I have bought. I have an order for a customer to fulfill soon and I didn’t have all the cutters that she wanted the cookies to be. I know it is only cookie cutters but I am looking forward to having a mess around with a cookie recipe and then the cutters to create who knows what. Maybe a seaside theme, or unicorns and rainbows, the zoo or transport galore. Endless choices and a great way to let my child’s imagination go wild although I think I will be more of a child than him at the weekend. 🙂