The Work Never Stops

The weekend is over and I feel like all I have done is ferry the children around to different places that they needed to go to. A taxi driver basically is what my job has been for the last two days. Sunday afternoon was spent curled up on the settee and I must have slept for two hours solid. My mind is on planning ahead after a busy week just gone and hoping this week is just as hectic.

Needless to say, I have loads to do which is a shame as the sun is shining and all I want to do is be outside. However, it is only 11.30am and I have already done several jobs so I am having a little break before I start again. I can feel the sun calling me to head outside but I think I may leave my outside jobs till later and get the children to help me after school. I have spent most of today planning ahead after a busy week so that I am prepared in my head and in my house.

Alcohol Infused Cupcakes
Alcohol Infused Cupcakes

Alcohol Infused Cupcakes

I have made a list of jobs which I need to try and get through this week and hopefully I can stick to it, orders dictating, of course. My main plans are to crack on with the decorating but after seeing a customer today who asked for me to bake some healthy Alcohol Infused Cupcakes I think may have to try this idea out this week and put the bakes up for sale on Friday. I don’t think these type of cupcakes would be classed as healthy as the alcohol in them will add some calories but not too many as it is only a tiny pipette of alcohol. 🙂 Worth a try don’t you think?

I do have some paperwork to catch up on this week so I will have to make time for that too, in between, the housework and decorating. Maybe I will catch-up on this job later this evening after the children go to bed.

Friday Treat Box Ideas

On the Foodie Calendar, this week, there is “National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day” and “National Devil’s Food Cake Day” so my bakes for the Friday Treat Box may have to be worked around these two days, in particular.

I have never made a Devil’s Food Cake before so I am looking forward on trying some ideas out on a recipe or two to see what I create. A Devil’s Food Cake is a very rich and airy chocolate cake rather like the alter ego of the Angel Food Cake which my husband loves. However, I am sure when he tries the chocolate version of this cake he will love it just as much. As for the Chocolate Chip Cookies should I make the standard cookies or the the semolina based cookies which I haven’t baked for a long time.

Cheese Scones
Cheese Scones

Also, I have an order for Cheese Scones for collection on Friday so I may have to bake some extra for myself, as well as, my Friday customers. I have some homemade Plum Chutney to try so I may have to add that into a Cheese Scone mix MMmmm MMmmm!

Housework Beckons

My business is ticking along nicely so far but I really need to make more time for jobs in the house as I feel like I am letting things slide at home. When you work from home you see the jobs that need doing all the time but seem to spend so much time keeping the business going that there is never any time free for anything else. I think that is why I have started redecorating the living room as that is where my desk is and all I can see when I look up from my screen are the four walls of this room which does get rather boring. I do try to break up my hours sitting at my desk with little jobs, some exercise routines and so on but I am hoping a change of colour may help too. Only thing is I have to make the change of colours as nobody else will do it. 🙁

Family Time

Keeping my weekends for the family is proving easier as I don’t seem to turn my laptop on for the whole weekend which gives me a much needed break. Also, it makes me feel like I have a “proper job” that I start on a Monday morning just like my husband and finish sometime on a Friday night. Not always the case but in my head that is how it is? 🙂 When you are self employed there is always something to be done but when you are a mother as well then you have the added work which children bring along with running a house so it all soon mounts up. As for the “proper job” I love what I do and the plans I make so I wouldn’t want it any other way. My husband supports me with what I do and he is great sounding board to throw ideas at. My children love trying new bakes and are my biggest critiques. All in all, being a self employed home baker is worth it and the house doesn’t really matter as long as the children are happy, clean and fed then all is good.

Multitasking to the Extreme

Whilst I’m writing this I am writing a few notes in my workbook about what I need to do tomorrow, a shopping list and writing dates in my diary which I must keep. Multitasking to the extreme. I really do need an extra pair of hands today. I want to try and plan ahead with everything this week:-

  • check I have in stock all the ingredients I need for orders for the week.
  • all packaging up to date and plenty of it available.
  • work on the teacher’s presents idea which I want to try.
  • buying the paint I need.
  • food shop for my family meals which I have planned for the week.
  • house cleaning rota for the next couple of days (as I only managed two rooms out of four which I thought I would finish today).
  • painting plan and de-cluttering the house as I go 🙂 I just love that part of re-decorating don’t you?

It is only a few more hours and I will have the children to help or hinder me with the gardening jobs 🙂 So I am off to grab a quick lunch and maybe sit int the garden for a little while 🙂