Oh this heat!! It is lovely don’t get me wrong but when you are trying to bake orders to post it is extremely annoying. At this rate I will be wearing a swimming costume to bake in as it is too hot to bake today. 🙂

The orders I have to post are for a tray of Bakewell Slice and a tray of Sprinkle Cake. I’m just having a quick break whilst the bakes cool down enough so I can pack them up and send them on their way to my customers. I love my job usually but not today.

As it is the school holidays, I am dealing with the children anyway and in this heat they are melting. To add to the workload, we are trying to house hunt and sell our own house. Needless to say, I am feeling slightly exhausted but the show must go on. I have told the oldest children that they can’t be expecting to go out with friends if it involves me driving them here, there and everywhere as I am rather busy. Not only with the baking, selling house, house hunting and keeping the house immaculate but I am trying to get organised for our holiday which is arriving soon.

It is never really a holiday when you are a mother though is it as you still have to be totally organised. I really would like it to feel like a holiday but it never does as there is just so much to do and I find a lot is left to me 🙁 I’m sure once I am there I will find time to relax?? 🙂 The worst part about holidays away from home is when you come back and all the washing that has to be done. I hate it 🙁

I still have a shopping trip with my children to stock up on holiday wear, the camping gear needs checked and cleaned before being packed in the new roof box which we still need to check out, too. Nothing like putting the pressure on is there. I wonder what interesting bakes I can do when we are camping this year as last year was such fun. 🙂 Amongst all of this I am still trying to run my business so I may close it a little bit early just to give myself some time to pack and get ready for my holiday.

Anyway, back to the kitchen I must go to finish these traybakes off and catch the post office this afternoon. Then I am off to a house viewing with my children in tow and I will meet my husband there. Fingers crossed this is the right one and that we get some viewings for our own house soon. How a viewing at my house will go I don’t know as I can’t even get my eldest two to get up and dressed on a morning. Can you imagine showing someone your house with your children still in bed? I’m sure I am not the only one with problem am I?