WOW, what a mad couple of weeks I have had. No time has been spent blogging which has been horrible for me as I feel like I have been missing out on my favourite pastime. The main reason I have been too busy to blog is because we have decided to move house. Big decision, I know but it was bound to happen sometime. Anyway, the house is now on the market so I just have to keep on top of the cleaning – going to prove difficult as the children are on school holidays now :(.


Today, is going to be a day of running children around again then we are off to view two houses. Not sure about one of them but I’m going to see the house just to keep my husband happy.

I haven’t just been getting my house ready to sell though – oh no – I have managed to fulfill all the baking orders I have had in the last two weeks so that has kept me busy too.

As well as, a couple of postal orders this week, I have had quite a few teachers presents to complete too which has been nice to do. I have baked Giant Choc Chip Cookies for collection and I have made Chocolate Medallions and Homemade Fudge for postal deliveries. It is a lovely feeling when you know your homemade products are travelling all over the UK. 🙂

After a busy couple of days in the kitchen I am going to spend some time sorting out my webshop as there are a few things I want to add to the products on there. Hopefully, I won’t get distracted with other jobs which need doing in the house as it isn’t like I have to go anywhere on Monday morning – no school runs (yeahhh) or grocery shopping to do. In fact, I may be really lazy or rather take the easy option and have the groceries delivered rather than take the children to a supermarket. I will spend so much less if I don’t have the children with me. Isn’t that always the case?

Recipe Book
Recipe Book

Hope you all have a lovely weekend whatever you may be up to. I am really going to add some more recipes to the blog next week when I have more time as I have so much to share with you. 🙂